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World Music Day!

World Music Day!

By DonaMaria Sfeila

Music, defining it is pretty much mission impossible. If you google the word itself you will be served with a plethora of quotes, a wide array of songs and symphonies and a billion pictures showcasing all kinds of artists. It’s safe to say that music is overwhelming ( in a good way of course ) and it’s probably the most divine gift we have been blessed with on this Earth. 

Plato says that Music gives life to everything, according to Elton John, it’s an out of this world experience, and from the perspective of some stranger on the internet, it can make pain disappear. 

Furthermore, we use music for celebrations, gatherings, on sunny days and on gloomy days too. Nowadays, we are blessed with a million different ways to listen to music. Whether it be the radio, television, YouTube, phones, streaming platforms or live concerts, music has been, for centuries, a huge part of our lives. No wonder someone decided to create World Music Day! 

Looking back into the details of history, we discovered that it is also called Make Music Day or simply Music Day. Here’s the story behind it: on the day of the summer solstice, in 1982, Jack Lang, then Minister of Culture of France along with Maurice Fleuret decided to organize an all day music celebration in Paris. They dreamt of a way to bring people together on the streets to make music freely, thus Fête de la Musique (Faites de la Musique/Make music) was born and it was a big success. Soon after, the phenomenon went viral on the international scale, over 130 countries followed suit and started having music festivals and concerts on the streets on the same day, all free of charge.

Undoubtedly, this trend reached Lebanon and since 2001 we’ve been partying in the streets of Beirut on the 21st of June thanks to the initiative of the French Cultural Institute and the Ministry of Culture. In the past couple of years, this day has brought people much needed joy in an economically stressed country. Each year and for a period of nine days, free concerts are held in different venues and across numerous locations for the sole purpose of having fun and listening to good music. It’s a blend of pop, jazz, rock, reggae… any genre is welcome! It’s a special day that includes everyone, no matter their age, race or religion etc. and it’s definitely the most anticipated event of the year and the best one for that matter. We hope that this year, as tough as it has been, we can all come together as one and sing all our troubles away.

You might be wondering what OLX has to do with all of this and what role it can play in this major event. Well, we just want to lend you a helping hand in order for you to take part in the most amazing night of the year! Whether you’re a solo artist, a band, an amateur or just a lover of all things music, we have just the thing for you!

You can download our new app OLX Lebanon or you can visit our website and check out the Hobbies, Music, Art & Books category here.

For example, if you’re a recording artist in the making, we know there are some essential gadgets you need to have in order to release your first hit and sing it loud with your fans during Music Day.

A microphone is a singer’s best friend!

You’re set to participate in the festival but your keyboard is broken and your band is counting on you, no worries!

You’re planning on delivering an awesome guitar solo but your guitar isn’t top game anymore. Get a hot new shredder!

You seem to have misplaced your amplifier and Lord knows you’re going to need that!

Are you the one organizing the concert on your street? You could surely use some speakers right?

Wait, you’re the new dj in town? (that’s what everyone will be asking you when they see you with this baby)

Hold on, you didn’t think we we’re going to leave oriental music behind, did you? 

Perhaps you’re a wind instrument fan

You might be more of a percussionist

We haven’t forgotten the classical music department, if you’re a chef d’orchestre, we’ve got your musicians covered!

You prefer the chill vibes and acoustic is your style

Or unlike the regular people, you’re into unusual music

Whichever type of music you choose to play, we’re excited to see you perform on June 21st!

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