Why You Need to Read These Books

Why You Need to Read These Books

By Leen Hseiki

With the new year here, we’re all thinking of ways to make it a unique, productive, prosperous, and delightful one.

Positive psychology allows you to connect with your goals in life, discover your strengths, and nurture the positive influences in life.

So, what’s better than positive psychology books that’ll be crucial to your incremental progress and breakthrough in life.

Here are great picks for you:

The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel:

The Master Key is being offered to the globe as a way to access the immense Cosmic Intelligence which matches to each reader’s position and aspirations.

The Master Key teaching has been offered as a Correspondence Course with 24 courses given one per week for 24 weeks to learners. The reader, who now has access to all 24 portions at once, is advised not to approach the book as a fiction, but rather to approach it as a course of study, carefully imbibing the content of each section – reading and re-reading one part every week before moving on to the next.

Otherwise, the reader’s time and money will be wasted if the subsequent sections are misunderstood.

When used as directed, “The Master Key” will help the reader develop a stronger, more positive personality equipped with the power to cherish life’s beauty and wonder.

The Heart of Work: 10 Keys to Living Your Calling by Ryuho Okawa: 

Our ambitions for our lives, as well as our aspirations of who we should become, are fundamental to success and wellbeing. 

Ryuho Okawa provides ten essential beliefs and aims to live by in this book to help us navigate our professional lives and gloriously live our vocation.

There are a few essential ideas that can assist you to get to the core of work, manage your time effectively, balance your work, lead a happy and prosperous life, achieve progress, and much more. 

Individuals from many sorts of backgrounds, including business people, executives, artists, teachers, mothers, and students, will discover the secrets to happiness and success in their chosen profession.

Invincible Thinking: There Is No Such Thing as Defeat by Ryuho Okawa: 

Life is similar to tunnel building in that we are frequently impeded by hard rock. To break through these boulders, unbreakable thinking serves as a strong drill.

We shall never feel defeated in our lives if we think like this. 

Invincible thinking is a powerful tool that is founded on realistic notions that connect self-reflection and development. 

You will be able to claim that there is no such thing as surrender by absorbing, enjoying, and exercising the concepts in this book, and by employing the beliefs as your own strength.

The Unhappiness Syndrome: 28 Habits of Unhappy People (and How to Change Them) by Ryuho Okawa: 

What if we’ve fallen in love with the state of being unhappy? Even though we all want to be happy, when we find ourselves in particular situations, many of us fall into a routine of failure. 

On a conscious level, we believe we are sincerely pursuing happiness, but we may be unconsciously adopting thinking and activity patterns that will eventually lead to dissatisfaction. 

According to the author, Ryuho Okawa, 80 to 90% of respondents experienced symptoms of the “Unhappiness Syndrome,” which are thought patterns that lead to unhappiness.

Imagination Transforms Everything: Rewrite Your Life’s Story with “Intentional Imagining” by Andrea Kasprzak: 

A roadmap to taking full advantage of our imagination at home, at business, in love, relationships, wellness, and more.

Imagination Transforms Everything is The Secret’s new generation for to unleash the transformative power of our imaginations. 

Andrea Kasprzak discusses the concept of “intentionally imagining,” which encompasses taking time to disconnect and daydream, journaling to track those daydreams, and converting them into intentions to reach our goals, using a voice-driven personal narrative, scientific research, and practical exercises.

To eliminate restricting self-talk, unfulfilling narratives, and the perpetual digital loop sucking up our attention, the author draws on her own experiences, the law of attraction theory, and intention studies. 

In the end, “deliberate envisioning” should lead to more clarity about who we are and what we desire, allowing us to behave in ways that are consistent with that clarity.

Think Big!: Be Positive and Be Brave to Achieve Your Dreams by Ryuho Okawa: 

This self-help book teaches readers how to actively create a life that is full of satisfying challenges, fulfillment, and accomplishment. 

Ryuho Okawa encourages us with practical strategies for building bravery, selecting a positive approach, identifying life’s purpose, developing awareness, and harnessing our own power to fulfill our dreams, all based on his own life experiences and wisdom. 

Think Big! provides the motivation and assistance needed to adopt innovative thinking and develop self-discipline.

The transition is straightforward; it all begins with large thinking. 

Think Big! is a self-development book that has the potential to change your life for the better.

Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo: 

Do you ever find it difficult to accomplish what you initiate? 

Do you have a lot of great ideas that you can’t seem to carry through on when the initial thrill wears off? 

The answer is almost certainly yes if you’re innovative and driven.

The issue isn’t with you. It’s not that you aren’t hardworking, clever, or deserving; it’s just that you haven’t yet internalized the one fundamental concept that will transform everything: Everything can be figured out.

You’ll also hear successful stories of ordinary people who have transformed their lives utilizing the “everything is figureoutable” concept. 

It’s more than just a catchphrase to suggest that “anything is figureoutable.” 

It’s a discipline that can be put into practice right now. It’s about to turn you into an unstoppable force!

The Laws of Invincible Leadership: An Empowering Guide for Continuous and Lasting Success in Business and in Life by Ryuho Okawa: 

Our culture has gotten more demanding in recent years, making it more difficult for people seeking long-term happiness and success. 

The Laws of Invincible Leadership lays forth the groundwork for anyone who wants to be an invincible leader and develop a managerial mindset in both life and business. 

This book presents a revolutionary concept of success based on the belief that we may attain continual success in all of life’s and business’s conditions. 

It also includes professional advice and real-world examples of how to establish plans, tactics, and the mentality and abilities required to be successful top management. 

Don’t let setbacks, obstacles, or adversity keep you from achieving happiness and success; instead, use The Laws of Invincible Leadership to help you seize possibilities for long-term success in the face of difficulties.

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…and Others Don’t by James C. Collins: 

Built to Last, the quintessential management study of the 1990s, demonstrated how great firms prevail over time and how long-term sustainable performance can be incorporated into an organization’s DNA from the start.

But what about businesses that didn’t have great DNA from the start? How can good companies, average companies, and even disastrous companies attain long-term success? Is it possible to transform long-term mediocrity or worse into long-term respectability? If that’s the case, what are the defining features that make a company great?

Jim Collins and his research team studied the histories of 28 firms over five years, figuring out why some businesses thrive while others fail. 

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