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Why second hand for your kids?

Why second hand for your kids?

by Rayane Imad

Raising children is expensive! For that reason, buying secondhand baby essentials is a great solution; you would actually be buying almost new things but of course, at a low price. You’ll be able to give your baby more toys, more clothes, more books and more items for less.

Also, if your baby doesn’t like a particular toy, or grows before he wears a certain outfit, you won’t feel too guilty because you never spent much on it – plus, you can always sell it!

Since most of us are practicing social distancing these days and are unable to visit stores, we are taking you for an  e-visit of our Kids & Babies category and the 8 sub-categories on OLX where you can browse for new and used items!

Toys for Kids!

Christmas is approaching and many people will be spending money on toys as gifts for their children.  We are now facing a pandemic and challenging  economical situation;  you can save money on Christmas gifts for your children but still keep the holiday spirit when considering secondhand toys instead! At the end of the day, children want the experience of a new toy and that is all that matters.

Strollers & Seats

baby lying on stroller while covering eye during daytime
How many times have you said to yourself: “I wish I had a car seat in each car for the safety of my baby?” You can have one or maybe two at a lower price! These items are heavy duty and can serve more than 1 baby!

Kids & Babies Clothing 

Babies grow so fast they usually don’t stay the same size for more than a month or two, and that means their clothes aren’t worn very often. Buying used baby clothes is one of the best ways to save money, and it’s an opportunity to find your favorite brands for very good prices!

Cribs & Bedroom Furniture 

One of the most stressful parts of planning for a baby is a budget. For families that are welcoming their first child and starting out, every dollar counts, and we are here for you! Start by looking through the various options we have on OLX under Cribs and Furniture. You can find basics like cribs, moisee’s basket, convertible cribs,… all up to the tiniest details like wallpapers, rugs, curtains, baby bed music and monitors and safety cameras to spice up your baby’s room.

Feeding & Nursing

The news that you are expecting a child starts off with a lot of excitement. However, you will start to stress out as there is a lot of things you need before your baby arrives and you may have no clue about how to prioritize! If your head is spinning, stop for a moment and take a breath. We have a solution that can help you. You’ll not only find feeding & Nursing items on OLX but, you will have the chance to speak with a mom who might offer you advise on your upcoming journey! Shopping with an experienced seller was never that easy!

So, these are the surprising options of shopping secondhand items for your kids. You can log into OLX and check what’s under our kids and babies category and be happy to find your demand; you’ll also be making another mom happy by buying from her!

This way, everybody wins!

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