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Trade-in your car for a new one!

Trade-in your car for a new one!

by Guy Farhat

Are you looking to trade-in your car for a new one in a fast and easy way but unsure of how?

You are exactly where you need to be! OLX, the leading online cars marketplace in Lebanon, is launching the Trade-in service. The aim is to simplify the process of selling your current car and buying your next while ensuring each transaction happens in an efficient and transparent manner and at a fair market price. Not only do we evaluate your current car in one visit, but we also help you in finding your next dream car!

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Since selling your car can be a complicated process given that it involves the possibility of multiple negotiations, delayed payments, extensive documentation, last minute buyer back-offs and no guarantee of best value for your car, we offer you a better scenario.

At OLX, we offer you a fast, hassle-free and most importantly, reliable way to sell your current car and find your next one! You won’t have to go searching and comparing different cars at many dealerships or end up with the wrong car due to lack of options. We don’t want you to settle, instead, Pay what you planned for a car  and we go through the work to find the car you want – you wont need to go from region to region to see a car that might not be worth it.

Our team of experts manages everything for you!
– Hassle-free documentation
– We will take care of all the paperwork
– We agree on any payment method that fits your need
– We find the exact car you want ·We offer helpful advice on the best car for you
– A 180-inspection report verified by our experts for your new car
– We have the car delivered to your door

It is so simple!

Our 6 steps process guarantees a smooth trade:

1- You tell us details about your current car and exactly what you want your next car to be

2- We search for every available car in Lebanon that fits your description

3- We negotiate with the seller on your behalf

4- We make sure that the car is in excellent condition

5- We collect the car and bring it to your door

6- We make the trade and you get to enjoy your new wheels for many years to come

You want to sell your current car and find your next car?

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Fill this form and our experts will call you back  or call us on 04/727171 for more information

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