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Top 10 Tech Tips

Top 10 Tech Tips

By Malak Sabra

In our current situation amidst the pandemic and working from home, you can’t throw a stone without hitting a Windows PC at this point. People have opted to do their daily tasks and go about their lives through their PCs, and for those of us who spend hours a day on the computer, we may think we have all the tips and trick to know up our sleeves, but not necessarily. There are countless shortcuts that even the most proficient PC user doesn’t realize they could be utilizing on a daily basis.

Here are some tips and tricks you didn’t know you needed.

1. Keeping your internet fast:

We’ve all experienced the pain of having lag, high ping, slow internet or even no internet at all at some point. So, here’s the thing about routers, they broadcast on a specific wavelength, this specific wavelength is one of 14 channels used for the router to operate. These channels have a lot of overlapping, although there are 3 channels that have far less overlapping which are 1, 6 and 11. Most routers will pick an available channel but not necessarily the most efficient. So, changing your wireless router’s channel will help you get faster internet.

2. Disk Clean-up:

Disk clean-up is exactly what it sounds like: you clean up your disk from files filling up space for no reason, so let’s help our little friend de-bloat from all the unwanted files and folders we have. All you have to do is type into your search bar “disk clean-up” and open the program and within that, you can select everything you don’t want in your PC and flush them out. Easy, right?

3. Finding missing and/or corrupted files:

Command prompt is your best friend. Command prompt is your close personal helper when it comes to your PC. It can help you find files and fix problems on your PC. All you need to do is type “cmd” into your search bar, right click and run as administrator. To find missing or corrupted files, type “sfc/scannnow” and for disk issues, type “chkdsk/f.”

4. Un-send an email (Google accounts):

Sent an email that you suddenly regret just a few seconds after pressing send?  Well guess what, you can un-send any email you want. All you need to do is adjust a certain setting in Gmail prior to writing your email. Open your settings on Gmail web, and there you can find something called cancelation period, basically how long you have until you can un-send the email. Once you’ve made these changes, just click save and you’re good to go.

Any time you send an email, you will have a small notification on the bottom left side of the screen telling you how much time you have remaining to cancel the email.

5. Shake away the mess:

You probably understand the mess of having way too many applications open at once and then when you realize it, you have to manually minimize all of these tabs. Here’s a small tip you probably didn’t know was a sneaky feature in windows. All you need to do is grab one of the open windows from the top, shake it and it automatically minimizes all other applications in the background. Do so again to maximize them as well.

6. Pause your updates: 

We all know that updates are important, but sometimes we’re too busy with our PC and don’t have time to update and then you start getting those annoying notifications and it messes everything up. Well, good thing is you can pause your updates. All you need to do is go to the windows update tab in your settings and press pause on your updates.

7. Easy access to emojis: 

All you need to do is click Windows Key + Period (.) on your keyboard and a small window will pop up on the bottom right side with a wide range of emojis easily accessible to your liking. Adds a little spice to your text, don’t you think? 😏

8. View file extensions in File Explorer:

Windows hides files’ extensions by default in File Explorer, so if you’re someone who frequently needs to look up information about the file’s extension type, you might need the option to show all your files’ extensions.  The fastest way to do so is to search “File Explorer Options” in the windows search bar, then select control panel settings page in the results to open a new window. Select View, then scroll down to the option that says “Hide extension for known file types” and uncheck the box.

9. Remote Desktop:

You’ve ever forgotten to do something on your computer and you’re too far to do so? Well, you can access your computer through your phone by downloadi a remote desktop app such as, Real VNC and Splashtop.

Now, you have access no matter where you are right from your mobile and without the hassle of carrying your laptop.

10. Use “Site:” to find content on one site: 

If you’ve ever wanted to search something within one specific site that doesn’t have a search bar embedded to it already, all you need to type into Google is Site: (the site you want to search) then the content you want from said site and there you have it.

There you have it, 10 tips to make your life on your PC less of a hassle and more accessible!

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