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Tips for great shots on a Smartphone

Tips for great shots on a Smartphone

In the age of social media, good photos have become a criterion which decides if an account is worth following.

Brands, influencers and any social media user seem to all want one thing: to create attractive visuals in the hopes of luring new followers in.

That is why many people rush to buy professional photography equipment all in the name of aesthetics. Do not despair! We’re here to assure you that you don’t need any apparatus other than your smartphone to take great shots!

1. A Unique New Angle

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People have been rewriting and retelling stories for ages yet, what attracts others the most is: innovation. 
When they notice that you’re coming up with something distinctive, telling the story from an unusual point of view, they will want to subscribe to see more of your posts.
That is why trying to see the world from a new perspective and taking your visuals from that novel angle will guarantee you more professional-looking photos.

2. Use Those Gridlines!

Most of us phone users have this immensely helpful camera feature turned off on our handsets.
Well, it’s time to turn it on because gridlines have the power to add a professional hue to your photos since they enable you to proportionately place the elements in your camera’s frame for that perfect shot.

3. Take Advantage of “Negative Space”

With minimalism portraying itself as the upcoming digital trend, using your negative space is of the utmost importance.
So, what is “negative space”? “Negative space” denotes your picture’s background that doesn’t include any element you’re focusing on. This usually happens when you’re taking a photo of a product. You put it as your only centerpiece and leave the background (negative space) as is.

4. Patterns, patterns, patterns

Patterns naturally draw human beings. They like the reassurance and sense of safety and security that patterns grant them.
Therefore, keep an eye out for lines, geometrical forms and matching colors that appear in everyday life. If you can’t find those spontaneously, try coming up with your own patterns!

5. Editing like a pro

There are many apps out there that support your editing skills. However, the key to putting the professional seal of approval on your photos is to look at your photos through the eyes of a master cameraman.
The editing app choices are endless so the trick it to find the one that suits your style of pictures best.

With these tips, taking professional photographs has become easier. Yet, to take your photos to the next level, you need to experiment. Practice makes perfect!

If you constantly try new designs, new filters, new angles and new perspectives, you’ll definitely get there.

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