Top Public Beaches in Lebanon that you must visit!

Top Public Beaches in Lebanon that you must visit!

by DonaMaria Sfeila

After a year full of ups and downs and a very chilly winter season in Lebanon, we definitely need a vitamin D packed vacation! And since everyone should be allowed to enjoy the summer season, beach days, and sunny blue skies, we’ve scoured the internet to find the top public beaches in the country.

Shall we?

You should keep in mind that when you research where to go you won’t always get the most convenient answer, so far we’ve noticed that most of the beaches are in Batroun. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to waste a full gas tank to get there but wherever you live in this tiny country, there’s bound to be a beach somewhere not too far away. So, we dug deeper and here’s what we found:

Let’s start from the South:

1- Tyre Public Beach

It seems that the Tyr coast is the most known in Lebanon and most attractive for tourists. It is one of the cleanest shores you can find and on top of that National Geographic listed it as one of the best in the Middle East (yes you read that right!). What are you waiting for to go snap some Instagram shots!

2- Al Masbah El Chaabi

If you do not wish to get too far away from Beirut then this one’s for you. Located in the popular Ramlet El Bayda area, it tends to get pretty crowded over there but with everything nearby, no doubt you’ll find a spot and just relax.

3- Jounieh (Next to Bel Azur)

Now who doesn’t love Jounieh? It’s not too far and it has a Souk everyone can enjoy. Turns out this region wasn’t home to any public beaches because of the endless resorts hogging the shores but a couple of years ago the municipality decided to take matters into their own hands and work on opening a public beach that welcomes everyone. That’s your chance to get a golden tan, do it!

4-Jiyeh Beach

Don’t you just want to sip a Mimosa and breathe in the fresh sea breeze? Then you are served: a bit of sand, some natural creeks, the open air and a Lebanese restaurant that serves homemade food. What’s not to like? Perfect for a trip with family or friends.

5- Nomad Beach Club (Jbeil/Byblos)

The mythical city of Byblos, those who live close by are lucky, as for those who can only visit, good news: this hotel and beach has a free entrance, it’s got bungalows with a view and some tasty bites and it’s right in the heart of the region so you can spend a fun day in the sun and enjoy the nightlife when the moon comes out.

Now we’re going to head a bit more North.

6-Joining Beach (Batroun)

Are you ready to embark on a crazy adventure? Well, brace yourself this one includes caves and the clearest water you could ever ask for. Rock climbing, swimming, chilling all in one. Don’t miss out on this gem!

7-Amchit Public Beach

This public beach in Amchit is located next to the amazing Amchit Boulevard. Entry is free of charge and there is a small bay where you can swim without getting hit by big waves. The water is clean and people of all ages will surely enjoy it.

8-Tahet El Rih, Anfeh

Wanna get away from Beirut but you can’t afford to visit our Greek neighbors? Have no fear, Anfeh is right here! It’s going to take some time to get there but we can assure you the drive is worth it: everything is colored in white and blue to symbolize peace and calm, enjoy the scenery, the cool  water and the delicious fish fresh from the early morning market.

9-El Herri, Chekka

A large coast, an amazing view, a white sandy beach… perfect ingredients for a relaxing dream turned to reality. Prepare your beach bag with the essentials: towels, sunscreen, sunglasses and water to keep you hydrated and head to this beach to spend a romantic day with your sweetheart.

10-Nakheel or Rabbit Island, Tripoli

Last but not least, its name sounds straight out of a fairytale but believe us it’s real. Now you have to plan this trip beforehand and get some snacks with you since you need a boat to go to and from the island. However, from what we’ve heard it is more than worth it and it’s perfect for birthday parties with an extra touch of wow factor.

Hopefully, this was a helpful guide and wherever you end up going, enjoy the summer!

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