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The Future is Electric!

The Future is Electric!

By DonaMaria Sfeila

The future is electric, words we’ve been hearing a lot lately and they need to become a reality. By electric we mean scooters and motorcycles. We all know that in the past months, fuel prices have been going up and they don’t seem to be coming down any time soon. Plus, we also know that fuel is bad for the environment and the more we use it the more we pollute our atmosphere. That’s where electric scooters and motorcycles come in, they’re basically a small transportation device that gets you to your destination without leaving a carbon footprint behind. 

Now, you’ll ask why we’re not mentioning electric cars, although they also constitute a huge benefit for the environment, a lot of new models aren’t available in big quantities especially not in a country like ours, plus they can be quite expensive and with the ongoing crises in Lebanon and around the world, customs are sharply rising which means that the cost of an electric car or any regular car for that matter may possibly double or even triple. Not to mention the strict measures taken by the Lebanese banks, making it almost impossible to be granted a loan to buy such a vehicle. That’s why today we encourage you to invest in an electric scooter or motorcycle, they’re way cheaper, take up less space and will be more efficient in the long run.

Here’s our take on what you need to know: first and foremost, electric scooters and motorcycles are obviously eco-friendly, they also contribute to the reduction of traffic (which accounts for about one-fifth of all emissions) by decreasing the need for cars and public transport. In fact, the slower traffic as a whole moves, the more pollution it creates, so less traffic is a blessing if you ask us. 

Moreover, electric scooters and motorcycles are very energy-efficient and only use as much electricity as a bigger household appliance. They were designed specifically to avoid fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions which they will never release since they run on rechargeable batteries. Every person that leaves their car at home and takes their electric scooter or motorcycle instead, eliminates one car from traffic. Thus, they eliminate 400 grams of carbon dioxide per mile. Electric scooters and motorcycles are even better than regular bicycles because they’re slightly faster and don’t require you to exercise or tire yourself out to get from point A to point B. But, be careful to dispose of your batteries properly when they need to be replaced because they can be recycled to ensure a completely clean cycle of life.

On the one hand, scooters are lightweight and convenient and some of them are even foldable so they can be easily carried or put away. They also barely require any maintenance and will not cost you as much as a car would in terms of repair or checkups. In most countries, anyone can ride a scooter. Why? You don’t require a driving license. This means that both kids and adults can enjoy the convenience that electric scooters offer. Scooters are sturdy, flexible, and can be used in almost any situation. Whether it’s an off-road trail or inside the city, electric scooters are good for the task. In most cases, scooters can maneuver into places impossible to reach with a vehicle. This includes places with narrow streets or paths. An electric scooter allows you to use shortcut routes thus saving time. Plus, electric scooters are basically immune to traffic jams. They are so small that they will never get stuck between anything. 

On the other hand, electric motorcycles have fantastic power and are very fast. With 100% instant torque, you get a rapid acceleration that a fuel powered motorcycle cannot match. Electric motorcycles are naturally much quieter than fuel powered ones. This is great for riders who like to talk or listen to music and it is much more gentle on the ears, so you won’t need ear protection. Most vehicles are not best suited to city riding, but electric motorcycles are. This is because the regenerative braking that comes with city riding, actually recharges the battery, keeping the power in your machine for longer. Yes, an electric motorcycle might initially cost more than a fuel powered one, but in the long term, you will make incredible savings.  A full charge to your motorcycle costs much less in energy bills than it would in petrol or diesel. And because electric motorcycles are easy to maintain and have just one moving part, you will also save money on services, repairs and maintenance.

We can be certain of one thing: battery-powered vehicles are here to stay. In the end, the real winner is humanity. By transitioning to electric batteries, we are less and less dependent on fossil fuels. Hence getting a cleaner environment. 

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