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The 360 transformation of Real Estate

The 360 transformation of Real Estate

by Nadine Bouali

Finding a new home is an exciting but exhausting process; going from one place to another, checking all the details and asking all the questions only to find that it’s not “the one”. Even for brokers, the process of showing a house and answering all the questions can be quite tiring. It’s even more disappointing when the client goes a different direction. And with a worldwide pandemic, the real estate world is facing a major challenge.

So, imagine this: you check the floor plan, select a house you like, step into every room from your phone all while laying down on your couch in your own home. You skip through from room to room with a tap of your finger, check the details of every corner and make sure you like it, maybe even check the size of a room?   

Virtual reality has transformed real estate and there is no better time for this transition than right now. The technology allows agents to show both the interior and exterior of spaces and buyers get the real experience from the comfort of their home.

The future is now.

While robots may be agents in the future and be showing us our next homes, VR does not cancel out the physical act of checking a home. However, it sure does make it simpler and faster on both parties (the buyer and the seller) to filter through the options and eventually find the right fit.

Instead of visiting 10 locations and sites, you can check those 10 virtually and then simply narrow down to what you did like and only see those in person.

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Agents ought to be open to VR.

Not only does this technology help a buyer, but it also simplifies matters for all Real Estate sellers.

They should be just as excited to get started and have their property scanned for a 3D presentation; this gives a 360-degree view, be it video or photo, of any space.

There is no denying that showing a home and looking for the right home is overwhelming, time consuming and expensive however, the technology is a solution to all of that.

Virtual Reality in the Real Estate world is a real game changer.

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