Start your Cooking Journey Right

Start your Cooking Journey Right

By Nadine Bouali

Everyone needs to have the basic cooking utensils in their home whether they are married, single, living alone or even with flat mates. And with the second phase of the lockdown coming at us, we can use the time to sharpen the cooking skills we learned in the first phase, after all, practice makes perfect.

Banana bread, morning pancakes and waffles or a Lebanese stew, they all have a few kitchen items in common to get them done, and where else would you find anything your heart desires other than OLX?

Here are the top 11 essential items every kitchen needs:

1. Cookbook

Before you get started, you need a plan. Find a cookbook that can give you a good variety of options from traditional dishes to international cuisines

2. Hand mixer or stand mixer

No matter how strong your arms are, when a recipe calls for beating a few ingredients together for a couple of minutes, you need a mixer. Make sure you do your research on the kind you prefer and find what fits in your liking from the range of stand and hand mixers available

3. Measuring cups

Nice and precise. Keep your recipe measurements on point by using measuring cups or measuring spoons from our Kitchen equipment category

4. The right army of spoons

Wooden spoons and rubber spatulas will make your life so much easier when cooking. Using the right spoon depending on what you are making is crucial

5. Rolling pin

Both savory and sweet dishes might require the need of a rolling pin. Make sure check the different types and material they are made of before you decide on one

6. A good whisk

Whether it’s an omelet, pancakes or waffle batter, nothing mixes the ingredients quite like a whisk. Another kitchen item that could be made from different materials, check the variety on OLX and find your new buddy

7. Pans and pots

So many options to choose from! You will probably buy pots and pans once in your life, invest in a good non-stick set  

8. Mixing bowls

Stainless steel, ceramic or plastic, you can find it all on OLX in the Cooking tools and Utensils section

9. Set of chef knives 

Slicing or mincing? Brunoise or Julienne? Whatever it is, you will need to get yourself a set of knives to do the right job – just watch out for those fingers!

10. Silicone Mat for baking 

When it comes to baking, make sure you line your tray with a silicon mat when baking cookies or macarons. You can always replace that with parchment paper to avoid staining or ruining any of your baking trays – it really is a saver

11. Plate sets   

When it comes to plates, there are no rules. You can get colorful ones, mismatched, all white or even patterned.. whatever your style is leaning towards, find the right fit for the perfect presentation!

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