SMART ForTwo | Car Review

SMART ForTwo | Car Review

By Ryan Bou Nassif

Practical? Hell yes.

Fuel consumption? Marvelous.

Speed and power? It gets you from point A to Z with zero-worry.

Powerful? Not much. But Powerless? Not at all

Technically, the car is ideally fit for Lebanon. You can daily drive it and not worry about having mechanical faults, fuel consumption or lacking comfort.

Did we mention that you do not need parking assistance when you own a SMART? All you have to do is tilt your steering wheel and voila, you’re already at a 90 degree angle and ready to park.

Remember when you’ve always spotted that good parking spot but only wished your car was a bit smaller? There you go, that was your sign to purchase one of these babies.

We personally recommend SMART cars, not only because they are of perfect quality/price, but also, because we are proud they were originally brought to life by Nicolas Hayek, the Lebanese-Swiss Engineer.

Despite its small size, the Smart ForTwo is super safe.

The manufacturers of SMART made sure that the occupants of their cars are always safe inside the vehicle if any collisions were to happen.

Only a few issues arise when it comes to this car; 

-The small cargo room. You can’t move all of your room furniture at once, you’ll need a few aller-retour.

-Its original price. Compared to other small-sized city cars, the Smart ForTwo is quite expensive. But don’t get us wrong, you’re getting what you pay for, with a Swiss touch.

Now, we haven’t told you yet, but ForTwo has a sister; the ForFour. As the name alludes to, the car fits two additional occupants.

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