Pet-friendly places to enjoy in Lebanon!

Pet-friendly places to enjoy in Lebanon!

by Malak Sabra

Anyone who has a pet knows the struggles of having to leave a piece of your heart whenever you leave home. When we think of the struggles on where to take our dog for a walk and how to enjoy some time with them in public places that also accommodates animals, the options really are limited. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with beaches, hotels, restaurants and many more place that allow you to enjoy time with your furry loved ones.

Al Fanar Restaurant & Auberge

Al Fanar is a pet-friendly restaurant and hotel in Tyre where you can enjoy the day and spend the night with the comfort of having your furry friend with you enjoying some quality time without having to worry about leaving them behind.

Neighbors Pub

Neighbors is a Pub located in Hamra that will give you the night of your life as well as the best night for your dog too! I mean who wouldn’t want to see their pet dancing to some awesome tunes right?

Villa Badaro

Villa? In Beirut? Who would’ve thought?! Villa Badaro is this amazing restaurant located in Badaro, you can eat and feed your pet as well. It’s even better when you find out you can get some after-lunch cuddles at the restaurant from your best furry friend. Best. Feeling. Ever.

Floyd the Dog

It’s quite literally in the name. Floyd the Dog is a Cocktails and Bagels bar in the heart of Mar Mikhael that greets and treats dogs as their own. With seating for humans and for pets as well, this is where you need to go for a great time out with your dog.

Cloud 59

Cloud 59 is a beautiful beach in Tyre is meant to be enjoyed by you and your pet. Cool down in the water while your dog frolics in the sand and enjoys some time sunbathing. No better way to spend the day.


L’osteria is a beautiful stone pub in Mar Mikhael. Offering an authentic Italian wine bar, and some home-made dishes for lunch and dinner, this place will keep you wanting more. Apart from the amazing food, the owner and staff are dog-lovers and will gladly provide your dog with a water bowl upon arrival. Thank us later.

Colonel Brewery And Distillery

Situated in Batroun, this restaurant, bed & breakfast, pub and even microbrewery is the place of your dreams. Well, you and your pet’s dreams to be exact. Colonel Brewery And Distillery will have you relaxed with some drinks and cuddles with your pet and you could wish for nothing more than this place.

Beach 45

Another amazing beach with an amazing atmosphere. Beach 45 is where you go to take some time away from the worries of the week and wind down with a relaxing afternoon in the sun with your best friend by your side running amok fearlessly in the warm grass of this beach.

Coup D’etat Rooftop

Coup D’etat is a casual rooftop pub with amazing music and beautiful views of Beirut. Happy hour not just for you, but for your furry buddy as well!

Jiyeh Beach

Jiyeh Beach is a public beach open for all. Nicknamed the dog beach, this place will have you in awe by all the pups roaming around. Time for your pooch to make some friends!

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