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OLX Verifies Your Next Ride!

OLX Verifies Your Next Ride!

By Jennifer Haidamous

You want to buy a new car but you’re not sure if it meets your expectations? The Verified category from OLX Autos has got you covered! This new feature we present promises to offer you a car that meets all your demands, from the vehicle’s checked-out history to its legitimate mileage.

Your trust is what drives us!

In order to give you the best and safest experience possible, our team is dedicated to find the finest cars and uphold its ongoing efforts to provide you with a great service. The OLX Autos team look for different features and quality characteristics before enlisting given cars under the Verified category.

Some of the points the team checks include:

The vehicle’s history: The first key characteristic to dig into a potential verified car is its history. Our team makes sure to find out where the car was bought, if it was serviced at its official dealership, if the warranty is still valid and how many previous owners the car had.

Car finishing: A second important detail to look into is the car’s paint finishing. For example, we check for excessive paint, rust of any kind, frame and bumpers alignment, hood and trunk smoothness, chassis neatness…

Engine function: Our team then checks the car’s engine using a diagnostic scanner for all cars. Mechanically speaking, we examine the vehicle functions to assess if they are working well or not. We look for any gearbox malfunction, inspect the engine and transmission mounts condition, transmission and the suspension condition.

Mileage: The mileage monitor is also essential to ensure that the vehicle makes it to the list of OLX verified cars; low mileage on the odometer is a plus, but we also triple check the legitimate mileage of the vehicle before listing it.

Electronic features: Our team examines all electronic features, interior and exterior, such as radio, AC, seat mechanism, shades, camera, electric mirrors, etc…

So, how do you know if a car is verified by OLX?

It’s quite simple: when navigating the OLX platform for cars to buy, you will notice the orange verified logo which means it’s an OLX verified vehicle. You will also notice an OLX Autos logo on the image of the vehicle which indicates that the car is being sold by OLX Autos and therefore is verified. By clicking on the given vehicle picture, the “Inspected” stamp is also an indication of the car being verified by OLX. 

Verified ride from OLX!

Our goal is, and will always be, to provide our users with the best service there is. OLX Verified offers you the chance to buy a vehicle while ensuring the quality, distinctive features and adequate qualifications. 

Buy your car with OLX verified and you are good to go!

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