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OLX Reveals a Wave of Improvements to Secure Use of the Platform

OLX Reveals a Wave of Improvements to Secure Use of the Platform

OLX, the leading classifieds platform in Lebanon, has recently launched the new “Phone Verification” feature, which is an additional safeguard measure to ensure secure exchanges on the platform and to minimize attempts of illegal usage.

This feature is the first step of the expansion of the platform in Lebanese republic and is part of a larger and more consistent plan to provide improved and user-friendly services that will enhance the user’s base experience in Lebanon. Each user will need to save his or her phone number before posting any listing for a faster sale and better experience with very easy steps as follows:

John Noja, General Manager of OLX Lebanon, commented: “Fifteen days after the launch of the OLX new feature, we have seen a 65% drop in suspicious listings reported by our users and a 35% decline in mistrustful listings whether they are manually rejected by the OLX team or automatically rejected via predefined content control systems.”

The OLX platform has grown significantly since its launch in Lebanon, placing safety and prevention measures at the forefront of the company’s priorities to ensure a safe experience for users. The first wave of additional features to the app and website was the addition of the Phone Verification feature. This growth is reflected in the number of platform users which reached one million Lebanese users per month, who are browsing approximately 133,000 listings in various categories of the platform, including cars, real estate, electronics, clothing and household items.

Noja added: “The above percentages prove that this action has contributed to improving the quality of the listings on the platform. We are encouraging our users to report any suspicious activity, if any, through the yellow triangle located at the bottom left of the listing (if the app is used in Arabic – and vice versa).”

OLX’s efforts do not stop at providing a safe and smooth experience for Lebanese users. We are currently developing products and services quickly and to a high standard so that we can meet the needs of the rapidly changing Lebanese market. Another precautionary measure, the Mandatory log-in, will be introduced so that users will have to create an account on the platform before they can place a listing.

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