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OLX Property Awards 2020

OLX Property Awards 2020

by Joanna Khalil

Every year at OLX, we honor our loyal clients with a number of awards to show our gratification towards the hard work they invest into OLX. In 2020, we awarded our partners with three awards: Agency of the Year, Top Lead Generation and Partner of the Year. Confidence Real Estate, Happy Lands Real Estate and Golden Land Real Estate were our winners for the year of 2020 all thanks to their hard work, loyalty and astounding performance.

Confidence Real Estate | Agency of the Year 2020

After being rewarded Agency of the Year 2020, we had a small chat with Mr. Bitar regarding his accomplishments and his affiliation with OLX. Mr. Bitar stated: “I personally see OLX as a very organized and professional company when it comes to their services, communication and people. I have never had a negative experience and they have always exceeded my expectations. The influence OLX had was immense, the market was unstable and very complicated to deal with, but with the exposure OLX was able to give us, we were able to perform well by receiving lots of potential clients and to filter out significant leads.”

During hardships when it came to the market due to the unstable situation in the country, Mr. Bitar specified the impact of OLX, providing him with 40-50% of his sales through the OLX platform.

Mr. Bitar shared with us one of his unforgettable closings and wished the company continuous hard work and success, “Because of the exposure OLX gives us, I was once able to close a deal within 24 hours of placing the ad on the platform. I really hope OLX will keep on developing and growing as well as focusing on integrating the best technologies as we always knew it.”

Mr. Jad Bitar with Agency of the Year Award.

About Confidence Real Estate:

Confidence Real Estate is proudly one of our oldest client, beginning as an independent venture by Mr. Jad Bitar, it has grown to become one of the biggest Real Estate organizations in the region operating all over Lebanon. Confidence presently employs over 100 agents and specialists and is continually zeroing in on improving and developing.

Check out Confidence Real Estate on Facebook and Instagram or check their listings on OLX.

Happy Land | Top Lead Generation 2020

Mr. Kanaan gave his thoughts about the deteriorating Lebanese market, stating that during the hardship in the market, OLX allowed him the chance to remain present in the market; “Additionally, we were able to adjust to the market changes to offer exact listings to our customers and keep in touch with them.”  That said, 90% of Mr. Kanaan’s clients came from OLX, even in times where he was unable to sell them his own properties, he had the option of helping them find what they need instead, allowing him to gain a good deal of clients.

We asked Mr. Kanaan to enlighten us regarding one example of overcoming adversity, he detailed that one of the numerous success stories he had while working on OLX, was when he placed an advertisement to sell land available for purchase at the time. A man that had been working with wood contacted Mr. Kanaan which ultimately led to Mr. Kanaan investing in wood and coal, giving him the chance to begin selling these items on OLX alongside his real estate account. This gave him the opportunity to expand his network on OLX as well as the type of clients that would later be purchasing from him.

Mr. Chedid Kanaan was pleased to receive the Top Lead Generation Award, stating that the award had gave him confidence in the work he is currently doing with OLX. Through the platform they were able to fulfill all sorts of demands and reach people from various backgrounds and regions.

Mr. Chedid Kanaan with Top Lead Generation Award.

About Happy Land:

Happy Land is a real estate agency that purchases and sells properties, mainly land properties to be precise. Happy Lands is situated in Jounieh, Lebanon and works mostly in Keserwan, Jbeil and Metn zones.  Mr. Chedid Kanaan, CEO of the agency, was awarded the Top Lead Generation Award for the year 2020.

Check out Happy Lands on Facebook and Instagram or check their listings on OLX.

Golden Land Real Estate | Partner of the Year 2020

Mr. Fouad Moubayed, the CEO of Golden Land Real Estate, received the honor of winning the Partner of the Year Award 2020 on behalf of team of 6 agents operating effectively all over Lebanon and abroad. Throughout the year Mr. Moubayed began continuously upgrading his package multiple times since his business was developing and growing constantly. 

Mr. Moubayed with his Golden Land team.

When honoring Mr. Moubayed with the Partner of the Year Award, Golden Land’s president remarked: “I would like to thank OLX for the professional service it offers us and the opportunities it gives us to reach all people from different regions, backgrounds and even expats.” He additionally discussed with us what he finds remarkable about working with OLX is the ability to expand one’s business. “For me, OLX is the number one platform to get leads and win customers. The leads we get from OLX vary a lot. We connect with individuals from different places searching for different products, and as such we are able to service and support various needs in the market.”

Our chat with Mr. Moubayed concluded with him saying: “We wish OLX to expand and reach for more, so we could grow our business with you. Online advertising and presence are essential nowadays and business can’t go far without it.”

Mr. Fouad Moubayed with his Partner of the Year Award.

About Golden Land:

Golden Land - Find 51 properties | Propertyfinder Lebanon

Golden Land Real Estate is a Brokerage Real Estate Company situated in Jal El Dib and established and managed by Highly Professionals.  Golden Land is OLX’s oldest and utmost loyal clients. They had begun their organization 3 years ago with OLX.

Check out Golden Land Real Estate on Facebook and Instagram or check their listings on OLX.

OLX would like to congratulate all the winners of this year’s awards as they deserved nothing less.

If you are interested in a new home, make sure to check out the Property section on OLX for you next home.

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