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OLX & MMO: A partnership for a seamless experience!

OLX & MMO: A partnership for a seamless experience!

By DonaMaria Sfeila

OLX is the number one classifieds platform in Lebanon. With 13 different categories, OLX Lebanon offers individuals and companies a chance to display their products or services by listing them on the website or through the application. 

For the past 10 years, the OLX Lebanon team has been working on building a continuous growth story while pushing the limits of innovation in an ever-changing market.

OLX Lebanon partners with more than 1000 companies in Lebanon to accelerate their businesses while paying close attention to the needs of the customers. Indeed, user-centricity remains at the heart of the OLX mission. OLX is keen on creating a customer-centric journey through its technology, products, and services. With a dynamic future ahead, OLX Lebanon wants to adopt a 360 approach for all components of the market thus facilitating trade across the automotive, real estate and goods industries.

 Consequently, to facilitate the transaction journey between buyers and sellers and ensure a seamless experience on its platform, OLX Lebanon is happy to announce its partnership with MMO, one of the leading companies in Lebanon with a strong and growing delivery arm. MMO will be offering delivery services to buyers and sellers transacting on OLX whereby buyers will be able to shop on OLX Lebanon from the comfort of their homes and sellers will not have to trouble themselves to meet-up with the buyers. Starting from today, when finding a suitable item on OLX Lebanon, and after agreeing with the seller on the prices and item condition, the buyer will be able to request a delivery service from MMO directly from the listing page with a service that covers all regions across Lebanon.

 MMO has been a leader in the distribution industry for over 50 years, successfully managing B2C and B2B deliveries all over Lebanon. With its growing expertise in online business, its dedicated team with experienced drivers and its own fleet of trucks of all sizes, MMO can organize any domestic or express delivery whether for e-commerce orders or other B2C shipments across Lebanon in a timely manner and at competitive prices. MMO will manage end-to-end deliveries from pickup to delivery including handling exchanges, refunds, and collections, if needed, all over Lebanon. MMO aims to provide its customers with the highest level of service and has established strong procedures to measure performance based on a range of criteria including time saving, risk minimization, cost efficiency, accountability, and process optimization.

 Thanks to the services provided by MMO, all OLX Lebanon’s clients, buyers and sellers, will be able to benefit from a timely delivery or pickup on their transaction. With this new collaboration, the user’s journey is put at the center and this is what typically drives higher standards in the market.