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OLX Launches Mandatory Log-in Step

OLX Launches Mandatory Log-in Step

OLX has grown exponentially since 2015 to become the leading classifieds platform in Lebanon. Today, OLX has reached a new phase of its growth story with a new set of objectives mainly revolving around Trust and Safety, Quality and User Experience.

As announced by John Noja, General Manager of OLX Lebanon: “We are committed to helping our users make smart and safe deals on our platform while enjoying a remarkable experience as sellers and buyers. In fact, several actions are being taken on the Product, Marketing, and Team fronts to make this happen”.

Indeed, OLX has recently introduced new safety measures, offering its users comfort and trust. The Phone Verification feature, launched in March 2018 and the Mandatory Login feature launched in September 2018, both allow a higher quality experience while ensuring users on the platform are serious sellers and buyers visiting to make deals happen.

Moreover, stemming from its great sense of responsibility, OLX’s communication has shifted more towards Edutainment, especially with the launch of a new set of Fun Educational videosin collaboration with the Lebanese actress Anjo Rihane*. The videos focus on communicating guidelines to users to help them use the platform in a smart, safe, and successful manner. Topics addressed include: How to list an ad to maximize leads, How to enhance the visibility of ads and sell faster, and How to use the platform safely.

Finally, on the team front, OLX is putting all resources at hand to become more customer-centric. “Because we want our customers to succeed as sellers and buyers and encourage their friends to go next, we have established a local User Experience team, whose primary focus is on enhancing the application, improving customer support, and pushing the quality level on the platform”, says Noja.

In the era of user-generated content, quality becomes a widely shared responsibility to which everyone can and should contribute. OLX encourages all its users to share their feedback and report any content that they see as inappropriate on the platform, keeping in mind that the final and ultimate precaution rests with the buyers and sellers upon concluding their trade.

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