New Year, New Resolutions

New Year, New Resolutions

by Rita Azzi

“New Year, New me” is a popular saying used by people who wish for a new start when the clock hits midnight on any December 31st. However, not everyone tends to live up to the expectations they set for themselves for the upcoming year. Which is why, it is time to make new resolutions that aren’t impossible to uphold in 2022.

Set your goals straight and surround yourself with people who motivate you. Given that most resolutions don’t make it past January and this is because most of the time, they are not easily achievable. Don’t be too hard on yourself: make reasonable resolutions that will help you grow and live your life better!

In order to make attainable resolutions, you need a plan, one that will guide you throughout the process to reach your goal. For example, if your new year’s resolution is to have a healthier lifestyle, you need to allocate time for working out and you also need to start eating healthy! As a start, plan to go to the gym twice per week rather than 4 times a week. Climb the ladder step by step!

Another new year resolution could be to save more money. This is especially hard after the holidays. Again, don’t be too hard on yourself: start by taking baby steps. Start by saving a small amount per day and increase that amount as the months go by. This will help you save money and have a control over your spending.

If you want to make new friends, you have to put yourself out there, and that includes getting out of your comfort zone. Don’t say no to outings and gatherings! Take the plunge and allow yourself to socialize with new people. Some acquaintances will be enriching while others might not; so it is up to you to decide what you want and who you want to spend your time with. Don’t forget to enjoy life and the little moments that it offers: Every day, try to write down the things that make you happy and put them in a jar. At the end of the year, after opening the jar and you will realize you have so much to be grateful for and this will motivate you to enjoy everyday to the fullest!

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