Must Haves for Your Outdoor Space

Must Haves for Your Outdoor Space

By Maguy Hamzeh

Imagine yourself sitting in the backyard of your house on a summer evening with your family gathered around the dining table. In case you are not yet ready to welcome summer, this article will guide you through different furniture styles and budgets before you head to the OLX Store and start shopping.

1. Trendy Chairs

Whether you are looking forward to spending your summer on your own enjoying nature and the fresh air or inviting your family and friends to a cheerful evening in your peaceful garden, chairs are an important asset. Nonetheless, the design and color of the chairs is not less important!

Before you go looking for the right chairs to purchase, you should decide the style you want to give to your space. While some items can be very fancy and expensive, others can be casual and more affordable.

2. Foldable Chairs

If the limited space of your garden is keeping you from sitting and spending some time there, say no more! With foldable chairs you have nothing to worry about. These can be lifesaver during a hot summer. Fortunately, foldable chairs also come in different colors and designs which leaves you which multiple options to choose from.

3. Modern Couches

If you are privileged enough to have a spacious garden, you can think of purchasing some couches that will transform your garden into an open-air living room. Keep in mind that couches should also be in harmony with the chairs when it comes to the design and colors. You can make the couches more comfortable by matching them with some trendy pillows. This will make your garden an ideal place to gather your friends for a joyful evening.

4. Practical Tables

The set stays incomplete without a table. Whether it is in the morning, and you are drinking your coffee, or at night and the dinner is being prepared, you will definitely need an outdoor table. Tables can come in different sizes and can also be foldable to take less space when not needed. 

You might be lucky to find a good deal for a set of chairs with their table, so you don’t have to worry about matching each of them to the other.

5.   Hammock

Make your garden a perfect place to relax after a long hectic day by adding a hammock to your furniture. Taking a nap on a Hammock outside always hits different!

6.   Shade sail

While you are enjoying the sun, you should make sure not to get sunburned. Here is where the shade sail can come in handy. Not only will the shade sail protect you from direct contact with the sun, but it will also make the place cooler (if that is what you are looking for).

7.   Plant Stand

You most probably thought about decorating the area with some colorful flowers. This sounds like an amazing idea, but your flowers need a buddy! A plant stand can gather all your beautiful flowers together and make the area more alive.

8. Flowerpots

The smallest details still make a difference! Make sure your flowerpots go perfectly well with the plant stand you purchased as well as with your other furniture pieces in terms of color and design. 

9.   An outdoor grill

If you have been looking for something that will make your area stand out and become even more fun, then this is a sign you should get a barbecue grill. This will make your garden your friends’ main getaway destination!

10.   Fire pit

Even in summer, nights might get cold. A fire pit in the center of the arrangement can keep you and your companions warm on a cold night.

There you have it – all, or just a few, of these items can easily transform your outdoor area and they are all things that come in handy.

If you like to recycle items or prefer second hand, you can also find multiple other options on OLX!

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