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Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG | Car Review

Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG | Car Review

by Ryan Bou Nassif

Ever wanted to feel as safe as riding in an armored tank and as fast as driving a 530hp car? This is the exact feeling you get when riding a V8 G63 AMG by Mercedes-Benz.

Okay, so you might think that The G kind of looks like a box, but this box you’re pointing out costs a lot to design and build, not to mention the engine fitted in its bonnet.

The car weighs 3,200 kilograms – that’s 3 Tons! This is equivalent to having 38 individuals all together, or 3 whole soccer teams and 5 referees. You get the point, the car weighs a lot, but it still gets to 100km/h in around 5 seconds.

You could technically look at the 2014 G-Wagon as the great grandson of the original G that was built in the 1970s for military use.

Now that we’ve got a tiny background on where the G63 originates from, let’s talk about what this vehicle has to offer.

V8, 5.5L Biturbo AMG Engine putting together 536 mesmerizing horsepower, this is more than enough for Lebanon’s roads; fast acceleration, perfect handling, quick breaking, powerful overtaking, fancy riding and more importantly, comforting driving.

Its price dropped from around $250,000  to $80,000; that is almost $170,000 in 7 years. Yes, it dropped around 70% of its original market price, but that’s it, you’re safe now. The 5-seater won’t lose much more of its value in the coming years. Even with the decline in price, the G still offers amazing quality driving and would give any other model a run for it’s money.

Have we mentioned how fun the driving of this machine is? This doesn’t just include riding on highways or concrete surfaces, but driving on bumpy roads, taking shortcuts off-road, and going on luxurious trips in the near woods.  

You can technically drive this car almost everywhere. Need power, comfort, speed, safety, luxury, and fun? The G63 AMG has got you covered!

While it would be pretty cool to drive this G or any other G on a daily basis, let’s not ditch the fact that the SUV is an AMG. Driving it on a daily basis is probably not the best idea given its huge fuel consumption it has and the fact that any worn out parts will cost you an arm and a leg.

Alright so you might not get bored of the G easily, but you don’t want to miss on the drill and thrill of this car anyway. You would want to enjoy every aspect this car has to offer, not to mention how it keeps your blood pumping every time you push the car and feel its full powerful throttle.

One of the most heavy duty cars ever built, but one of the downsides is that it’s very expensive to fix as well. Understandably looking at the parts it has and how high quality they are.

Some honorable mentions are the siblings of the G63: Its baby brother, the G500 and its angry older brother, the G65 AMG.

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