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MAZDA 3 2017 | Car Review

by Ryan Bou Nassif

Well, the least to say, the car is practical and is probably one of the most ideal cars for Lebanon, with the fuel deficiency we got in 2021, and still ongoing in 2022.

Features, it’s practically perfect. Its interior specifications are almost the same as owning a brand new German car.

Paying less and still getting the best of it? Sold!

No, the 3 is not weak. It actually has a 2.0L In-Line Four engine. So, let’s put it into easier words, the car with that engine and chassis size is more than you need for a daily drive.

We personally advise the linen seats on the Mazda 3, but you could always get the leather interior, which in fact has more cons than pros; although it’s fancier, it’ll cost you much more than a penny and it’ll get much hotter in the summer, so you might need an extra pair of pants every time you drive the car.

The car used to cost around $30,000 back in 2017 when it first came out, which is still kind of nothing for what you’re actually receiving, and right now, it’ll cost you around $15,000 to own this fine lady.

Let’s talk about safety, for instance, when we look for a car, we look for the safety of the cabin, its height and overall size. So, rest assured, since we’re writing about the Mazda 3, the car is very safe. The manufacturers of MAZDA know what’s up!

Ride height is awesome, not very low to hit every curve and bump on the road and not high enough to not feel the pleasurous roads of Lebanon. Fit with 16 inch rims, giving the sporty look you’re looking for, yet isn’t stiff enough to risk your tires at every pothole you meet.

Compared to older Mazda generations and specifically the Mazda 3 model, you’re getting a huge upgrade whether it’s on the performance or the shape and design of the car. For instance, the dashboard; it’s trying its best to look like a proper dashboard but instead, it looked like a croissant. Whilst in this Mazda 3 Generation, the center console, the screen and the dashboard look fascinating enough for the eye to make you want to stare at them.

Do you prefer hatchback cars over sedan ones? say no more, Mazda always has you backed up! This model exists in both Sedan and Hatch, and to top that off for all you manual lovers, you could choose between this Automatic transmission and its manual version.

Head over to our Verified inventory on OLX to get a more detailed list of all the features this car has to offer, and maybe even buy it.

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