Love at First iPhone

Love at First iPhone

A Bite into Apple’s New iPhone 11

Whether we admit it or not, we are all on the search to find “the one.” Some of us actively look for love, while others wait for it to come knocking at our door. No matter the case, we always remain hopeful of finding love.

“I love you as much as I love my iPhone.”

You know it’s true love when your significant other utters those words. It means he/she is going to stay right by your side, cherish you, charge you up, and rely on you. You might go through some stumbles, as is always the case with love, but do not despair! It will come back to life.

If you’re lucky enough, your partner may love you more than his/her iPhone and prioritize you over it.

I Want you vs. I NEED you

There are two types of people in this world. Those who buy the iPhone because they want it, and those who buy the iPhone because they need it.

Some individuals will invest in the iPhone 11, and while some might do it for vanity reasons, the new iPhone has much more to offer:

  • A familiar, yet fresh design that you can express yourself with – You can pick from six color options. Some of the top colors range from green, purple and even yellow!
  • A new and improved camera: The camera is the telltale sign that you have the new iPhone. With the 12-MP ultra-wide camera, people can spot it from miles away. The following upgrade allows you to fit in more scenes without having to physically back-up; you can also shoot pictures with minimal to no light using the new and improved night mode. YouTubers and influencers are on the rise and you can kick off your career with an iPhone 11. The camera allows you to shoot in 2k up to 60 fps and it created a new trend for “slofies” where you can shoot selfies in slow motion!
  • Faster is better: With its A13 Bionic processor, the iPhone 11 is the fastest phone you can get.
  • Add brightness and color to your life: The 6.1-inch LCD screen is bright and colorful, though the OLED displays on the iPhone 11 Pro model are brighter.
  • Durable and water-resistant: Apple claims that the following iPhone has the toughest glass from the front and back, making every stumble almost meaningless. Not to mention, it’s improved water resistance can withstand 2 meters of water for 20 minutes, or with the iPhone 11 Pro, it can go up to 4 meters.
  • Over 11 hours of battery life! This is above average for smartphones. When will my iPhone turn off? Will it last? Do I need my charger? The following questions  are no longer worries that you need to concern yourself with.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a person who wants or needs, because that first bite into any of Apple’s iPhones leaves a tingling sensation that keeps you craving for more. This is what we call “repeat purchases.” Ultimately, it was that love at first sight that kept us coming back for more.

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