LADA Urban 2017 | Car Review

LADA Urban 2017 | Car Review

by Ryan Bou Nassif

 Alright, what’s the first thing you think of when you look at this Lada?

Why would someone buy this 4×4 and not purchase a different one instead?

The Urban really leads, not in power but in tracks.

You can always find a Lada Urban going places no other 4×4 dares to go, or seeing one opening snowy roads for other 4×4 to pass through

Yes, the car is not powerful, probably not very comfy either but you’re technically paying a small price for a machine worth something big.

Versatile; this is the right definition of the Lada Urban – it can take any road in Lebanon, whether it’s made of asphalt or mud. It can also park anywhere, literally.

Fuel consumption? you’re going to love this! Although the car might look like it absorbs a lot of fuel, on the contrary, the vehicle has very good fuel consumption.

Mechanically, you do not have to worry about having random mechanical faults.

The Urban, is very reliable and even if it happens that you did have a mechanical problem, finding extra parts for the car is as easy and quick as finding cereal at the supermarket.

Not having many interior features may be problematic in any other car choices, but it isn’t one if you’re looking for a Lada. Interior features, electric ones in particular usually tend to face quite a lot of malfunctioning, but you don’t have to deal with any of these here.

If you’re looking for a luxurious ride and a fancy Four-wheeler, head over to the G63 Car Review to learn more about it, but hey, that’s at least a $70,000 difference.

While we’ve got your attention here, let’s get back to business! The Lada Urban is not a luxurious vehicle, one does not put in mind comfort when applying to buy one of these machines, but you can be worry-free driving this. Potholes? Speed bumps? Random objects lying on the road? Floods? You can drive through them all.

Now, it is important to note that the Urban comes in two shapes, the two-door mini tank and its older sibling, the four-door.

They both share the same engine; thus we advise you stick to the Coupe one as it can be a bit faster.

Another super perk of the Urban is that the 4×4 is very customizable. You can fit it with any aftermarket kit, bumpers, racks, winches, fenders…

Just like this one right here, it has front and rear Aftermarket Bumpers, Front T-Max winch, front and rear ARB Original air lockers, underbody skid plates, rock sliders, roof rack and a lot more. Have a sneak-peak at this exact car on OLX in the Verified Cars section.

The Lada Urban, originally called Lada Niva, has been one of the best if not the best Off-road machine out there.

You’re really getting much more than what you’re actually paying for, and that’s of quality.

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