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Is OLX Lebanon a Paid Platform?

Is OLX Lebanon a Paid Platform?

By DonaMaria Sfeila

Recently, a lot of you have been asking us the same question:
Why do we have to pay to post ads on OLX? 

In fact, we noticed there’s a lot of confusion around what is paid and what is free on OLX Lebanon. Here come the answers: 

So Why the Fees on these Categories?

Simply because as a classifieds platform, we are looking to build a unique and high-quality experience. We believe that introducing a listing fee allows for a natural filtering of listings, reduction in spam and repeated ads and a general increase in quality of the listings offered. 

Introducing listing fees is also a strategic decision that we took in contrast to other social and digital platforms. In fact, comparable platforms typically allow users to buy and sell anything without limitations in exchange for collecting and selling user data. At OLX, our approach is very different towards such matters as we put customer-centricity and privacy on top of our priorities.

“With a team of more than 50 young and dynamic individuals and 1 Million monthly users, we at OLX Lebanon  have a responsibility towards the community and towards our employees to push for the sustainability of our business and for the quality of our services”, says Maria, Country Manager at OLX Lebanon.

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For more clarity about FREE and Paid listings on OLX Lebanon, check the table below: