INFINITI Q60 2018 | Car Review

INFINITI Q60 2018 | Car Review

by Ryan Bou Nassif

The Q60 is a game changer. We mean, INFINITI has always made good cars but once they set Q60 loose, their whole production game changed.

You know that feeling when you walk in a place, rocking that new suit you bought, looking good and fancy and everyone turns around to check you out? This is what you get when riding the Q60, it is literally a Head-Turner.

It’s like all beautiful curves were put together to create this masterpiece.

Alright, let’s get into the comfort; it’s an interior designed for long trips, a sport design adapted with very comfortable electrically adjustable seats with cozy in-seat heaters.

The whole cabin is made out of double-stitched, high-quality leather and metal bits. Oh and by the way, even the rear has plenty of space, you’ll forget it’s a 2-door car.

2.0 Turbocharged, 4-Cylinders engine producing 208hp. Nothing matches the joy of riding a sports car with Rear-Wheel Drive!

If that’s not enough for you, you can always get the Q60S with an interior dipped in Carbon and Silver Optic Fiber, with 3.0 Twin-Turbo and 400HP, All-Wheel drive mode but you will also need a whole new budget and a bigger pocket for your fuel consumption.

The coupe’s angry, gorgeous front, equally beautiful rear and highly distinguish interior features such as INFINITI’s touch display screen, different driving modes and an around view monitor. This makes it easier to pass through Beirut’s narrow streets and drive around corners with confidence!

You should know that the Q60 is equipped with a BOSE sound-system, giving you the whole ‘Live Performance’ precision and impeccable sound quality. Typically, BOSE. 

Overall? The car looks amazing, performs beautifully, and has all the right quirks to be perfect for Lebanese roads. 

With the interior design being so lush and the exterior just looking so stunning, a sound system so on-point, it’s the car that just keeps on giving. Keeping the best for last, this exact car is up for sale on our platform, check it out here!

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