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How you can help Beirut

How you can help Beirut

By Karim Cheaib

In light of the horrible tragedy that engulfed Beirut and Lebanon, many local and foreign citizens and organizations, have stood with the people affected and offered their support. In this article, we will be listing down some of these organizations while adding some additional information so that you can know more about their scope of work and hopefully contribute to build more trust between yourself and these organizations. We also apologize in advance for not listing other organizations that are working hard and closely with the people.

Below is the list:

1. Lebanese Red Cross:

Bio: The Lebanese Red Cross has been in the forefront of relief in Lebanon since 1946. It is recognized by the State as a public nonprofit organization and as an auxiliary team to the medical personnel of the Lebanese Army. The Lebanese Red Cross Society is led by volunteers, whose mission is to provide relief to victims of natural and human disasters, and help people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies, and to mitigate the suffering of the most vulnerable.

How is it helping: LRC has provided immediate emergency response upon the explosion and is still providing vital support by securing blood units, providing accommodation for those that lost their homes, restoring family links to missing individuals and continuously providing psychological support and primary health care

Donation link / info:

2. Children’s Cancer Center

Bio: Because “no child should die in the dawn of life,” the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, USA opened its doors in 1962, making its founder, Danny Thomas’s dream come true. Danny’s wish was to open a similar center in his home country of Lebanon; thus in 2002, the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL) was inaugurated with a mission to save children’s lives. 

The CCCL was established  as a result of an agreement with the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, its funding arm, the American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities (ALSAC), and the American University of Beirut Medical Center.

CCCL’s Vision lies around providing “access to free treatment and care to all children with cancer in Lebanon and the region, without any discrimination.”

How is it helping: The Center has established the Emergency Relief Response, where it will offer free treatment for all children with cancer in Lebanon for a period of six months

Donation link / info:

3. Nusaned

Bio: Nusaned has been created in December 2019 amid the struggling Lebanese economy. Nusaned is a humanitarian, community-based and volunteer organization. 

Nusaned also does not engage in any political activity, and remains at equal distance from all religions.  They support communities based on a non-biased, egalitarian and value-based needs assessment process.

How is it helping: Nusaned have shown incredible support to the affected community to date. With 200 volunteers working on community clean-ups , 13,600 meals distributed, over 200 housing units to be rehabilitiated and over 17,000 hygene kits offered. Nusaned have shown tremendous energy and good-will.

Donation link / info:

4. LiveLove

Bio: Live Love designs and implements sustainable programs that foster people’s knowledge, love and engagement for Lebanon’s nature, culture and community. Programs launches programs that pushes the community to find solutions within the community, from recycling to empowering local businesses.

How is it helping: Live Love connects the most affected people in Beirut with donations & volunteers through (1) Mapping families and houses in need (2) Sending engineers & team to determine what each household needs in terms of construction, and essentials and

(3) Matching them with donations, workforce and volunteers.

Donation link / info:

5. Open Houses

Bio: Open Houses is creating a platform with houses that are providing temporary accommodation to those that last their homes

Donation link / info:  No direct donation link, for whoever that wants to list their homes or donate:

6. Impact Lebanon

Bio: Impact Lebanon is a non-profit organization that brings the community together to pursue initiatives that deliver impact for Lebanon. Their process is to encourage the brainstorming of ideas; promote the sharing of knowledge, resources and expertise; and build strong teams to turn an idea into a successful initiative.

How is it helping: Impact Lebanon uses the funds to give to NGOs involved after leading careful examinations of their suitability to receive our funds. The most important selection criteria for the NGO’s that will receive our funds are that they are apolitical and non-sectarian, that they are registered and recognised, that they have ongoing initiatives to address the crisis and that they’ve passed an audit test.

Donation link:

7. Arc-en-ciel

Bio: With five core programs, being implemented at 12 centers across Lebanon, arcenciel’s main goal is to work with every person in need.

Arcenciel aims to vigorously advance national policies in all the sectors in which it is active, while keeping a non-confessional and apolitical stance. Programs includes sustainable agriculture and environment, mobility and health, social support, responsible tourism and cultural heritage and youth empowerment,

How is it helping: Following this tragedy, arcenciel is doubling its efforts to pursue its mission in supporting fragile groups and integrating marginalized people. Building on its experience over the past 36 years, arcenciel is implementing immediately several actions in order to respond to victims’ most critical needs, from needs assessment, social support to even recycling.

Donation link:

8. Offre Joie

Bio: Offrejoie is a voluntary movement across the country of Lebanon with a footprint

in France and Iraq. Over the years, Offrejoie developed different approaches to tackle the continuing challenges of Lebanon. At its core are the consistent practice of the values of love, respect, and forgiveness and voluntary service.

How is it helping: Offre Joie is responding to the crisis that hit Beirut, mobilising its volunteers to support families who have lost their homes, return in safety.

Donation link:

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