How to Stay Fit at Home

How to Stay Fit at Home

By John Noja

Research shows that 95% of New Year’s Resolutions are fitness related, but after just 3 months, only 10% of people believe they will stick to it*. Multiple reasons push people to give up on their resolution such as lack of motivation, lack of money, gyms-phobia, Netflix preference, Covid-19,… but what if you you can make working out more fun, convenient and part of your routine? Easier said than done? Well, not if you could exercise from home, in your comfortable clothes, without having to worry about going out in the rain or running into your crush when sweaty and sticky.

Here are some practical tips on how to stay fit at home!

  1. Set your Goal!
Do you want to workout in order to lose weight, grow muscles, or stay in shape? It is important to set a clear goal for yourself with an attainable and quantifiable target

2. Select a comfortable routine and stick to it

Select a convenient routine and try to stick to it whether it is every other day, 1 day off for 2 days in a row, MWF, … just make sure that blends in your schedule

3. Select a convenient time and stick to it

Working out consistently at the same time, whether it is morning, lunch break, after work or in the evening, increases your chances in getting your body used to the same routine

4. Find your “coach” on app or a YouTube channel

There is a large variety of free and paid applications offering personalized workouts circuits such as 8fit, Workout, 7 minutes and enhance to name a few. Similarly, there are hundreds of fitness related YouTube channels that you can also subscribe to

5. Always start with a 5 minute warm-up

Warming up helps prepare your body for any workout by gradually raising your body temperature and increasing blood flow to your muscles. It also helps reduce muscle soreness and lowers the risk of injury

6. Alternate forms and moves to always shock your body

Don’t let your body get too comfortable with one move or workout form! Always shock your body with new forms such as: Tabata (8 rounds of same exercise in a specific 20-seconds-on, 10-seconds-off interval), Paleo Run (alternate 1 exercise / 1min cardio), Pyramid workout (collection of sets of the same exercise that start with a light weight and higher reps, building up to a heavier weight and fewer reps) and others

7. Get yourself small home equipment & consider second hand to save!

Exercise mat, dumbbells, kettle-bell, Swiss ball, elastic band, high bar, … all these are small equipment that can assist you at home without taking too much space. You can browse new and second hand small workout equipment on OLX in the Sports and equipment category

8. Always end a workout by stretching for 5 minutes

Stretching tired and sore muscles after a workout is essential as it enhances flexibility and reduces muscle tension. Skipping a stretch routine will increase tightness in the body allowing muscles to pull on joints causing major pain

9. Invest in bigger equipment if you prefer machine-based workouts

If you prefer machine-based exercising, invest in a treadmill, an exercise bike, a vertical climber or a rowing machine. You could also check the selection of new and second hand equipment on OLX in the Sports and equipment category

10. Follow a healthy diet to support your fitness goal

Eating the right nutrients after you exercise can help your targets. It is particularly important to eat carbs and protein after your workout; this helps your body decrease muscle protein breakdown

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