How to prepare for a ‘not-so-normal’ Back-to-school

How to prepare for a ‘not-so-normal’ Back-to-school

By Maria Nehme

So far, nothing about this year has been normal or regular. Since at least March 2020, there are so many things that we have not been able to do the way we used to: work in regular conditions, shop for items we need on a daily basis, take care of our children in the way we would like to, or even mark joyful and sad events in the presence of family and friends. To say the least, we have been forced to adapt and continue.

As October is approaching, the milestone of “Back-to-school” is also getting closer. How different will this back-to-school season be? What are the main elements we should be prepared for to have a “somewhat smooth” return to school for our children?

1. Get Electronics

There are high chances that part of education will happen online this year. For your kids to follow the rhythm, you will probably need a laptop or tablet, and a printer in addition to the study tools that you usually buy before school starts. This will be financially challenging for many of us, so consider second-hand items while making sure they are in a good condition.

2. Set up a studying area

To put some structure to the mess and have an environment that is prone to learning, it will be important to dedicate a space in your house for your children to attend online courses and study quietly. This space should ideally be nicely furnished and equipped with a neat desk, comfortable working chair, nice backgrounds for the video calls, and a soothing view if possible

3. Get some Refreshers to Teach the Kids

With less live interaction with the teachers, children might need more support in grasping all the concepts they need to learn. As usual, they will come back to you, as a parent, for help. Get ready to get some Math, Science, or Geography refreshers to be able to answer them. As an alternative, consider virtual private tutors sessions or group studying sessions to bridge the gaps.

4. Consider Homeschooling – for the younger ones

For younger kids below the age of 6, virtual education has shown to be quite challenging. As a result, the option of homeschooling with a small group of children has been introduced by several teachers as an alternative to kindergarten. This solution is a good compromise between the loneliness of online schooling and the higher sanitary risk of regular schools. Checkout an example of such a service

5. Prepare the Mindsets – if Schools Open

If schools end-up keeping a non-virtual part to education, it is really crucial for parents to prepare their kids to the importance of following the sanitary measures when in school as well as to answer all their worries or concerns with this respect especially given the infinite number of changes they have faced this year

6. Finally, Save the Routine!

A lot of things will be different this year when it comes to schooling. This is why parents should try, as much as possible, to preserve a certain routine for their children when it comes to waking up, playing, and sleeping times, meals frequency, schedules in weekends vs. weekdays, and even sports activities (at home or in small groups)

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