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Hear it Straight From the Team!

Hear it Straight From the Team!

by John Noja

It is true that every employee owes their job some responsibilities and tasks that might demand some extra effort. But what differentiates a company from the other is the work culture and relationships between employees in the workplace.

Studies have found that a positive organizational culture is directly reflected on the performance of its employees. According to a study done in Pakistan, the stronger the organizational culture is, the more committed are the employees to achieve the company’s goals.

Based on the same rule, many employees of OLX Lebanon expressed their dedication toward the company they work in, saying that they work for OLX as if it was their own company, and as if the team was their second family.

Check out the testimonials from the OLX team:

Based on the employees’ testimonials, OLX Lebanon is the best example to explain how a work culture and environment can have a positive impact on the employees’ performance, and thus on the company’s growth.

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