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The Gift of Second Chances

The Gift of Second Chances

By Nadine Bouali

With 2020 coming to an end, OLX wanted to give back during these difficult times in a way that benefits multiple people. We wanted one action to generate a positive impact on not to one, not two, but three different community members.

Just like everyone deserves a second chance in life, we believe your unused items deserve the same and this this is where the Second Chances initiative came to life.

What did we do?

1- We asked people on our social media pages to sell an item they no longer use that we know someone else needs on OLX. We then choose an item from the listed ones on the platform and bought it from them

2- The item was then donated to someone who needed it with the help of our friends at LiveLove and the seller received their payment in full from OLX

3- We didn’t want to stop here, the value of the items we bought were matched and donated in cash to LiveLove

With this campaign, we were able to give a new life to 7 items:

We shouldn’t stop here!

Just because the holiday season is over, it doesn’t mean we should stop giving back. OLX invites everyone to donate or sell any item that you no longer use and give it a second chance to fulfill its purpose and make someone in need happy.

Nothing feels as good as helping others!

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