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Digital Advertising 2020 Wrap Up

Digital Advertising 2020 Wrap Up

By Rayane Imad

Among the many changes that 2020 brought, the importance of digital marketing was inevitable. The Covid pandemic urged businesses to adjust their marketing strategy and to use digital marketing as a crucial tool for communicating with their new and existing customers.

Last year witnessed a noticeable development in digital marketing as businesses had to adapt to unprecedented events that transformed the market’s ecosystem for every industry.

These same events had a significant impact on human behavior as well. During the lockdown, people were spending more time in front of their screens, which was translated into a behavioral shift on OLX, as we noticed a 74% increase in supply and a 130% increase in demand.

Digital consumption bloomed on OLX from streaming entertainment to buying groceries online, to beauty & Cosmetics products, to launching new websites, etc.

Our mission was not only helping businesses gain new customers, but we were also the digital gateway for the companies to launch their new products and websites responding to the new market conditions.

Among all the live campaigns on OLX 2020, we have decided to award 4 customers based on their performance on OLX: Therefore, we have launched the OLX Digital Advertising Award, and the winners are listed as follows:

Holdal – 2020 Best Performance Award

Khoury Home: 2020 All-star client Award

Feel 22- 2020 Creativity Award

Home Deco 2020 Resilience Award

A new age of consumerism is developing in front of our eyes. It’s time to take hold of this opportunity and invest in digital marketing, efficiently.

With so many things changing around us, OLX’s goal remains the same: Help as many businesses as we possibly can to perform impactful digital marketing activities that will stimulate growth and prosperity.

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