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Dealer of the month – January | Autos Fayed

Dealer of the month - January | Autos Fayed

By Joanna Khalil

Congratulations to Auto Fayed for winning January’s Dealer of the Month Award. We are happy to present them with this hard-earned award!

In an interview we had with Mr. Fayed, we asked him what this award meant to him, to which he replied: “This award means a lot to me, it validates the great growth on both ends, us and OLX. This entity is the definition of support and has changed the flow of our work in the best way possible!”

When asked about the influence OLX had on their business, Mr. Fayed said: “In all honesty, when comparing the weak results we had in 2020 to 2021, we noticed the great impact OLX had on our sales. The year 2022 has a promising market and we have a good start since. We wish success to OLX and hope we continue to flourish our business hand in hand with this entity!”

Congratulations once again to Auto Fayed for winning January’s award. We are proud of our clients and look forward to present our monthly awards to them.

Looking for your next ride? Don’t miss the collection that Auto Fayed has on OLX and stay up to date with their latest news and deals on their Facebook and Instagram page.

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