Dealer of the Month for June 2021 – Charbel Aoun

Dealer of the Month for June 2021 – Charbel Aoun

By Joanna Khalil

OLX would like to congratulate Charbel Aoun on winning the Dealer of the Month Award for June.

Mr. Charbel Aoun was able to receive this award through his hard work and dedication on our platform and being able to maintain a consistent relationship with buyers through our platform.

After having a conversation with Mr. Charbel Aoun, he stated how OLX has impacted his sales: “I had a friend who was struggling to sell his car, especially during the economic problems Lebanon is going through. Once I placed the ad for that car on OLX, I was able to sell it in less than 24 hours which was great considering the circumstances.”

“Being able to sell on OLX is an amazing opportunity, I am able to sell 5-6 cars a day with new buyers every day. OLX means so much to me and my company as they aid us greatly in being able to sell our cars online.”

Given the current situation, Mr. Charbel Aoun also stated how OLX was able to give him sales during the instability and how selling on OLX still gave him the chance to make sales without a problem.

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