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Dealer of the Month for April 2021 – Nour El Dine Motors

Dealer of the Month for April 2021 – Nour El Dine Motors

By Joanna Khalil

We are happy to award Nour El Dine Motors with Dealer of the Month award for the month of April.

Ali Nour El Dine was honored to receive this award as much as we are honored to give it to him. “OLX is my partner and I wouldn’t have it any other way, I’m very happy with the work and the results we have achieved and continue to achieve together.” Ali expressed. He has placed countless ads on OLX which have gave him the opportunity to sell cars on our platform and build relationships with clients.

Most of his cars are sold on the OLX platform. “I trust OLX with every decision they take and know that whatever they do is for our own good,” Ali stated when asked about his relationship with OLX.

About Nour El Dine Motors:

Nour El Dine Motors is a car dealership that operates in Beirut, Lebanon. Check out Nour El Dine Motors here on OLX and their Instagram for quality cars at affordable prices.

Congratulations again from the OLX team to Nour El Dine Motors!

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