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Cool gifts you can find on OLX for Father’s Day

Cool gifts you can find on OLX for Father’s Day

By Rayane Imad

We always assume that choosing a gift for Mother’s day is easier than for Father’s day; when it comes to our mothers, if all else fails, a flower arrangement is always a great choice! This Father’s Day, show your appreciation and love with the perfect gift. To help you along, we have gathered budget friendly gifts ideas depending on your dad’s interests and needs.

Don’t forget to throw in a nice message in a card too, you’ll be golden.

For the tech-savvy Dad

Buying a gift for a tech-savvy dad can be tricky if you don’t keep up with all the latest gadget releases. We have got you covered! Check out the cool options you can find on OLX. You can opt for a Bose home speaker or get an e-assistant by bringing in Alexa for a 24h/24h service. Still not convinced? Wireless earphones. Dads will wear these everywhere, all the time. And how about a smart watch or a brand-new mobile? If he is into series, a new big screen TV to keep up with his favorite shows will keep a smile on his face. We will leave it to you, you know your dads better than we do.

For the car enthusiast Dad 

If your Dad is a car enthusiast, then he will love a new car accessory. Indulge your dad’s love for cars with a new Next base VAR DVD systems or an upgraded speaker, both are available in the vehicles spare parts on OLX.

For the fit Dad

If your Dad is all about physical activities and sports, his gift will be easy to find! Brand new or second-hand, all the fitness equipment that you might need is available on OLX. If you want to give him tips on how to stay fit while at home, to check the How to Stay Fit at Home article and why not have the whole family join too!

For the business Dad

Is your Dad is always in a suit? Always on the run, but will never miss a chance to drink his coffee while checking his emails or reading the newspaper? Why don’t you consider upgrading his coffee machine or offering him a new business card holder..? Maybe a genuine leather wallet, cuff-links or a laptop bag. Find out what he really needs and choosing the items will be easy on OLX.

For the top chef Dad

For the foodie in your dad, a new grill for the family gatherings will be everything he needs this summer! A hand mixer for salad dressings and soups, or a sharp set of knives! Are you getting hungry? Check the options and choose wisely, after all, you will get to choose the menu.

For the best handyman

He always takes great care of everything in the house. Forget the flowers and treat your dad with a bouquet of wrenches or other hands-on tools.

For the adventurous Dad

We didn’t forget about the adventurous dads who love nature and all outdoor activities! You can find the best camping accessories from portable chairs, tents to sleeping bags and inflatable beds to keep your dad comfortable through the nights under the stars!

For the Collector Dad

Okay, we get it. Your Dad is a classic man and likes vintage accessories that remind him of the good old times. A wide variety of great vintage items and unique antiques are available on OLX. Maybe a set of coins, a music box or a good book to add to his library collection.
OLX tip: Coordinate with your mom on this one to make sure you are not breaking her decoration rules!

Your Dad’s gift is a just few clicks away! Just choose the item, contact the seller and agree on the price then request to have it delivered through Wakilni with our special rates.

Happy Father’s Day to yours and all the fathers!

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