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Broker of the Month for October 2021 – Confidence Real Estate

Broker of the Month for October 2021 – Confidence Real Estate

by Joanna Khalil

 OLX is proud to present the Agency of the Month Award for October to Confidence Real Estate.

Mr. Bitar explained how honored they were as a team to receive this award, especially that Confidence agents strive to always be ahead of the game. This appreciation gesture motivates the whole team to reach and achieve more every day.

For Mr. Bitar OLX is more than a partner as he considers both companies as one entity. Confidence is aiming to increase their number of listings for next year to remain the leaders in the field.

After being asked about the deteriorating market situation in Lebanon, especially in the last year, Mr. Bitar commented: “OLX kept us close to our clients when we couldn’t reach them because of Covid, and was one of the only platforms that actually worked on improving its platform and services.”

Mr. Bitar mentioned that half of their properties were sold through OLX. When it comes to the future of OLX, he wishes the company constant growth, and he hopes that it won’t be affected by the instable market situation and that it retains its position as a leading platform. A success story from OLX that he mentioned was: “After visiting an apartment for the first time, we make sure that our agents upload its pictures instantly on OLX, and it is worth mentioning that they get calls before they even leave the apartment, and because of their wide reach as a platform, we get very quick results.”

We would like to thank Mr. Bitar for his kind words and congratulate him again on winning the award for October.

If you are interested in checking out Confidence Real Estate’s listings on OLX, you can check them here and also check their Instagram and Facebook Page.

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