Broker of the Month for November 2021 – Ideal Real Estate

Broker of the Month for November 2021 – Ideal Real Estate

By Joanna Khalil

OLX is proud to present the Agency of the Month Award for November to Ideal Real Estate.  

During an interview we held with Mr. Wissam Tannous, we asked him what this award meant to him to which he replied: “I would like to thank OLX for this award that we won; it means a lot to us especially after such a short period of time: we started 8 months ago as a startup. Thank you to the entire OLX team for their ongoing support.”

We asked Mr. Tannous what OLX meant to him as a partner and he stated: “As I mentioned earlier, we are a startup company in this business, our main purpose was to be present on a big platform in order to reach as many people as possible in different countries. For me, OLX is the number one source we are currently using out of all the sources and marketing campaigns. This big platform allows us to communicate with clients wherever they are.”

Taking into consideration the deteriorating Lebanese market situation, we were curious to know what impact OLX had on the sales generated last year, to which Mr. Tannous replied: “Surely, OLX has helped us reach the entire population especially during the most difficult of times, with the economic situation getting tougher and the spread of the Covid-19 virus. We were able to adapt to this market with the help of OLX which allowed us to enter every home. The journey is still long but we will reach our goal as one family.”

Mr. Tannous continued: Working in sales, we have different sources that allow us to present properties to our clients and I emphasize again that OLX is the number one platform; the package we have generated a hefty amount of leads. 70% of our sales are done through OLX!

In view of OLX’s future, we wanted to know what Mr. Tannous expects from us to which he replied: “I sure hope to see OLX reaching even higher levels of success so that we could grow together. It’s a win-win situation for both entities; product enhancements will allow us to improve our work and reach faster and better results. I wish you all success and hope that we can progress together”. He then added, “As we all know, all startup businesses that are working on being present on strong platforms in order to reach a wider audience and achieve success. I believe that any company working with OLX is surely achieving success, us included!”

 We would like to thank Mr. Wissam for his kind words and congratulate him again for winning November’s award.  You can check out Ideal Real Estate properties on the OLX platform or follow them on their Facebook and Instagram page.  

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