Broker of the Month for July – Bati 3000

Broker of the Month for July - Bati 3000

by Joanna Khalil

OLX is proud to present the Agency of the Month for the month of July to Bati 3000. Bati 3000 is a prestigious real estate agency that serves it’s customers with the best real estate money can buy. We sat down with the agency’s President for an interview discussing the award.

George mentioned how this award meant a lot to him. He expressed the pride he felt of being able to receive this award and how OLX had helped him tremendously through social media.

“As a partner, OLX is the only platform that was able to get me in touch with quality customers and it has opened many opportunities for me and my company,” he stated.

In light of the current situation Lebanon is facing, we asked Mr. George how much OLX impacted his sales. “I’ve been depending mostly on expats, in Lebanon sales have decreased tremendously.” Mr. George expressed.

He also stated that 100% of his sales are through the OLX platform. “In one of my sales, I had a hard time trying to sell a certain apartment here in Lebanon, usually on social media it’s hard to sell real estate over different platforms. But on OLX, I am certain everyone can see the ad and that has been one of the best traits of being able to work with OLX.”

We would like to express our gratitude to Mr. George’s kind words and hope to be with him for a long time going into the future.

Check out Bati 3000’s listings on OLX.

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