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Dealer of the Month for January 2021 – JJ Cars

Dealer of the Month for January 2021 - JJ Cars

By Joanna Khalil

Dealer of the Month – January 2021: JJ Cars

Julio, from JJ Cars, says he is happy and proud of the OLX partnership, adding: “OLX is the number one classified platform in Lebanon especially in the Autos market and winning Dealer of the Month for January 2021 is an honor – I’m very proud of it.” He continues to say that OLX is a major element in business and success as it enables them to reach all regions in Lebanon; you can sell a car for any user in Lebanon no matter where they come from. The team at JJ Cars are creating a pool of clients from different regions, backgrounds and interest through the platform, “40- 50% of my inventory on OLX!”

When it comes to the Lebanese market and the situation in the future, Julio stated that, “Going through these hard times in the recent period, OLX has played a huge role in exposing us to the entire Lebanese market which shows the importance of having such a platform and being flexible enough to operate online – Online presence is the future.”

He then mentioned that when he decided to come back to Lebanon to open his own business, he initially started with posting on OLX and this is where the growth of the business started. “One of many success stories I have with OLX is that at many times, I was able to sell my walk-in client’s car on OLX before they agree to buy a car with me – this helped me gain a new client who couldn’t sell his car alone as well as selling the client a car from me.”

“OLX helps plays a major role in the success of our business. A user must be smart, dedicated and persevere to succeed.”

About JJ Cars

JJ Cars , also known as Kawly Motors, has been an OLX partner for almost 3 years now, Operating in the North and Metn region.

They are present on Facebook, Instagram and you can check all their listings on OLX as well.

Congratulations again from the OLX team to JJ Cars!

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