Broker of the Month for December 2021 – Achrafieh Properties

Broker of the Month for December 2021 – Achrafieh Properties

By Joanna Khalil

OLX Lebanon is proud to congratulate Achrafieh Properties and announce them as the Agency of the month of December 2021.

Upon congratulating Anthony from Achrafieh Properties for earning the Agency of the Month award, we asked him what this award means to him. Anthony stressed that it is a pleasure to receive this award for the second time in the same year from OLX.

Not only that but, he added: “This means that OLX is working to get the desired results that their partners expect. This partnership is getting us more lead thus, driving more sales.”

Also, when Anthony was asked about the importance of Achrafieh Properties’ partnership with OLX, he replied: “OLX is an important partner to us being a main source of leads. So, definitely OLX is an important partner for our agency.”

Adding on, when commenting on how OLX impacted Achrafieh Properties’ sales in the midst of Lebanon’s economic crisis and its declining financial status, Anthony said: “OLX is going against the market! Although the market is not stable, however OLX is cultivating better conditions by looking for opportunities that improve transactions.”

Anthony mentioned that around 30% to 40% were sale percentages that resulted from their partnership with OLX. He  expects that upon OLX’s team efforts, the sales percentage will increase in the future. He continued: “I believe that the continuous improvement in the quality of leads we receive from OLX alone is a success story. Hoping to keep serving the market in the best way possible, hand in hand!”

The OLX team will remain the biggest advocate and promoter of Achrafieh Properties’ services.

Wishing them a flourishing and successful future with OLX.

Check out Achrafieh Properties’ listings on OLX and keep up with their latest updates on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Congratulations again on your award and stay on the lookout for many more!

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