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Broker of the Month for August 2021 – Yas Real Estate

Broker of the Month for August 2021 - Yas Real Estate

By Joanna Khalil

OLX is honored to announce Yas Real Estate as Broker of the Month for August. Mr. Madi explained how proud he was to know that Yas is the top broker on OLX and is very happy about this award.

When asked what this award means to him, he replied: “OLX is my main Partner and the number one yielding source for our leads which equate to 70%! This partnership elevates our chances to grasp the biggest number of leads and promote ourselves as a Trustworthy brand.”

He then added: Where OLX is found, Value is found with it. With the fluctuations in the market, specifically when the market is down, it is important to have a source for leads and OLX is managing always give us more opportunities. We want more of that from the platform and we always look forward to seeing new features.

We want to to congratulate Yas Real Estate once more for winning the Agency of the Month award.

If you are looking for property, you can check Yas Real Estate’s listings on OLX here . You can also find them on Social Media on Instagram and Facebook.

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