BMW X2 xDrive20 M-Sport X | Car Review

BMW X2 xDrive20 M-Sport X | Car Review

By Ryan Bou Nassif

You see it on the road, not sure if what you’re seeing is a Sedan? Is it an SUV? Or wait, is it a hatchback? Confusing, right?

The CrossOver BMW X2 really is a little bit of everything.

You might ask yourself, why would someone buy this car and not get an SUV instead?

Let us tell you why…

First things first, the car is super suitable for Lebanon.

Let’s start with some basic info, the car is an xDrive. xDrive stands for All-Wheel drive; so technically you’ll be driving a hatchback with a drivetrain of a Four-Wheeler (you can also get the car in the drivetrain of Front-Wheel Drive but we don’t recommend that).

You would be benefiting from the perks of owning a hatchback, a sports car and an SUV all at the same time. This Vehicle can take on mountain roads perfectly and does highways very smoothly, despite the big amount of potholes we have in Lebanon.

On technicality,  this BMW is powered by a Four-Cylinder Inline 2.0 Twin-Turbo engine, charging all 192HP.

What about the drive modes you might ask?

  • EcoPro: this is a mode we advise using when you aren’t in the mood for speeding or listening to that turbo blow, you’re being Eco-friendly
  • Comfort: Ideally the best drive mode, smooth and efficient
  • Sport: your X2 suddenly turns into a mini beast, the steering wheel is stiffer, and the RPM is higher than usual and the whole driving experience changes

This X2 is finished in Misano Blue, one of BMW’s trademark colors. You can have yours in many other Individual colors such as Black Sapphire, Alpine White, Mediterranean Blue, Galvanic Gold, Sunset Orange and many more…

BMW has always added a sporty line to their cars’ interior. Notice the amount of Alcantara in this X2, the unavoidable M-package steering wheel and bucket seats, as well as adjustable front Sport seats for comfy rides or aggressive driving.

Money wise? It probably was a bit expensive when it first came out in 2019, but right now with the depreciation, the car aged like fine wine! Yeah, you’d be paying a couple grand for this now, but know well that this is worth every penny you are putting on the table.

You don’t see it much on the roads because Lebanese people tend to buy other BMW models instead but, believe us when we tell you that once you’ve driven this car, you’re going to be changing your mind pretty quickly.

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