BMW M2 2017 | Car Review

BMW M2 2017 | Car Review

By Karim Fouladgar

Nicknamed ‘’Baby M’’, the BMW M2 is known as the entry level M in the motorsport division line up. It is the most affordable M but by far the most fun of all M’s!!

Looking at the M2, you can’t help but notice its slender body, the bold front end, and the big rims and vented brakes. Surely, you can’t mistake it with a BMW from the regular 2 series. If you focus on the rear of the car you’ll find four huge exhaust tips which let out a symphony of raging horses, 365 to be exact. The turbo is so responsive that you get 500 newton of torque right from the moment you put your keys into the ignition! In such a small coupe, those numbers are not to be taken lightly, it goes from 0 to 100 km in a blistering 4.3 sec.

As for the interior, it’s focused on the driver’s comfort with the dashboard tilted towards you, just like good old classic BMW’s. Some extra special touches like Carbon Fiber, Alcantara, and the M colors make you feel like you’re driving a different kind of machinery. The minute you get in your seat, the screen turns on and an M2 logo pops up to greet you. Once you fire it up you’re in for a wild and roaring ride courtesy of the straight six engine. I can guarantee that some neighbors aren’t going to be fans of this car in the morning!

Choosing “Comfort” as a driving mode, the car features low exhaust noise, smooth transmission shifts, and battery power. Going into “Sport” mode, the car comes alive, shifts become crisp and the exhaust becomes louder. Choosing “Sport+” mode on the other hand is BMW’s way of saying that you are on your own with maximum power and aggressiveness, as well as minimal driving aids, so you better be sure of what you’re doing.

Lastly, owning an M2 is like having the best of both worlds. It’s basically like being the perfect gentleman in a suit and tie going to a business meeting during the weekdays, and being a race track champion (with your helmet on of course) during the weekends!

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