Best Weekend Getaway Ideas

Best Weekend Getaway Ideas

By Malak Sabra

We all deserve a break after the year we’ve had. Whether a break on the couch or a long weekend away alone or with our significant others, here are a few bucket-list worthy places to add to your weekend.

1. The Chill Hill – Wata El Joz, Keserwan

The perfect mix of everything you want a getaway to be. It has a lake, A-Frame dreamy cabins, and amazing mountain views that really is the cherry on top. It’s a modern vibe type place with lots of chill vibes to match the aesthetic of wanting to take a break from the Beirut traffic.

Check out The Chill Hill on Instagram and book your perfect weekend getaway now.

2. Beit Ammiq – Ammiq Wetlands, Bekaa

Settled in the gorgeous town of Bekaa, Beit Ammiq is one of the places you certainly would never want to miss out on. The feeling of being surrounded by nature and being able to detach yourself from all the hustle and bustle of the weekdays is truly an amazing feeling.

3.  ODIN by ODOM – Mzaar Kfardebian, Faraya

The infamous spot Mzaar Kfardebian has been an outing favorite for most. But one hidden gem that not many know about has to be the ODOM experience. Want to feel like you’re in a futuristic getaway on Mars? Here’s your chance to sleep in a dome and look at the stars from the comfort of your room.

With great views and amazing service, check out their Instagram for a chance to spend the night in the most beautiful rooms you’ve ever seen.

4. Glamping Hotel – Maghdoucheh, Lebanon

This is the stay of your dreams with the best and cutest tents and cabins a hotel has to offer. With scenic outdoor hot tubs and Sea Views for days, this is the place to be when all else fails in calming you down for the weekend.

Check out their Instagram and website for more information. 

5. Elsewhere – Laklouk, Lebanon. 

This one is for all the private people who love to have everything to themselves. With 3 mountain-peak cabins and amazing views of Laklouk, this stay will surely be a memorable one with your loved ones.

Check out their Instagram for more information.

6. Tiny House – Batroun Bay, Bolero Batroun

How often does one come across a tiny house to vacation in? Especially if we’re talking here in Lebanon, where an opportunity like this does not come often. Here’s the cutest getaway spot in Batroun where you can vacation in literally a tiny home.

Check out their Instagram and website for more information.

7. Hotel Al Bustan – Beit Mery, Lebanon

To anyone that wants a fancier feel to the weekend, this is the perfect place for you. Hotel Al Bustan is easily one of the oldest hotels in Lebanon and undeniably the most gorgeous. With beautiful rooms and unforgettable views, this is the place for you.

Check out their Instagram and their website for more information. 

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