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Best Time to Post on OLX

Best Time to Post on OLX

by Ary Berberian

Because data is crucial for good decision making, we rely heavily on it for internal decisions and in return, it allows us to optimize the experience we offer. Whether you want to increase your chances to sell when using OLX or are just curious about customer behavior, this article is for you. 

At OLX, a reply occurs when a Buyer sends a chat message or calls the Seller. The table below shows that most of the buyers are active during night time, but that doesn’t necessarily apply to your item.

1. Vehicles

If you want to sell your car, you would be interested to know that most buyers check OLX after 7PM. This means posting your car between 7PM and 10PM will increase your chances of selling it!

2. Properties

In contrast, we can see that buyers interested in Real Estate tend to be active in the afternoon. To attract more leads to your property, listing it between 1PM and 4PM would be the best. 

3. Electronics & Mobile Phones

Whether you want to sell your phone or make some money from your old laptop, you should know that buyers are active on OLX starting 1PM. 

Buyers have different behaviors and this information helps users who want to sell to learn about this behavior and the timing that can generate more leads for the a better experience when using OLX.

Got something to sell? Post it on OLX and benefit from it!

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