Audi RS3 2016 | Car Review

Audi RS3 2016 | Car Review

By DonaMaria Sfeila

If you love the sound of a roaring engine but still want a car that will get you around every day, look no further, the Audi RS3 2016 has just landed on Verified by OLX Autos.

This pocket rocket will have you holding on for dear life as it is quite the speedster. Although, since we are talking about an Audi, we have to mention that the RS3 is not just any regular hatchback, it’s a hyper hatch aka the crème de la crème, top of the list of hatchbacks that will have you spending your money and never looking back. Excited to hop in the hottest of all hot hatches?

Before getting to know this car and its specs, what drew me to it first was its gorgeous design, inside and out. The iconic Nardo gray, one of the trendiest car colors today, made me more eager to take the wheel. But it was also the signature Audi wagon look and the oval shaped exhaust tips that boosted my excitement (those are going to let out one hell of a symphony). As soon as I sat in the driver’s seat, I felt special because this car is truly unique. I was blinded by its luxurious premium quality interior, the precise stitching and fine Alcantara touch, the sporty flat bottom wheel and carbon fiber trims and the RS logo spotted here and there.

If you want power, you’re definitely going to get it: this Audi, unlike hot hatches that come with a 4-cylinder engine and a turbocharger, has a unique 2,5 L 5-cylinder engine symbolizing its heritage of the signature Audi savage 5-banger engines and let’s not forget its turbo charger pushing 367 bhp and 465 nm torque…with those figures other hot hatches look, well, sad. Plus, all that power is going through a lightning fast 7 speed double clutch automatic gearbox. On the other hand, driving the RS on the limits is a different feeling, it is predictable and the AWD QUATTRO system is happy to give you enough power to the back wheels for you to go a bit sideways…good thing the seats have lateral support to hug me tight. Bonus factor of the RS, you get an amazing launch control that you engage just like video games. In the blink of an eye, it took me from 0 to 100 in a whopping 4.3 seconds and that deserves a wow! This kind of speed is not for the faint of heart!

On the road, you can choose between four different driving modes: if you just woke up and have to go to work, COMFORT features seamless gearbox changes, a sporty exhaust sound that’s not too loud, a  buttery smooth throttle response and a light steering feel. If you want to be a Rockstar on the road, DYNAMIC boasts firm and fast gearbox changes, loud as hell exhaust pops and bangs especially when you hit those high RPMs, a spot on throttle response, and a heavy steering feel. INDIVIDUAL lets you pick each criteria to your liking i.e. gearbox, throttle etc. and finally with AUTO the car takes control and predicts what type of mode you prefer depending on how you’re driving. Consequently, the RS3 is not only clever but also driver friendly. 

There’s no stopping here, the RS3, still being a hatch, hides a lot more than speed under its trunk, it’s quite practical for day-to-day driving, and if you just want to enjoy an easy cruise it will not let you down. It’s fast yet accessible, it’s the best of both worlds. In short, the Audi RS3 2016 is a star, and I was lucky to be part of the show. The hype is real, and this kind of style is certainly worth the money!