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A Second Chance for Your Car!

A Second Chance for Your Car!

By Malak Sabra

If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ll probably remember our previous article on How to sell your car from home with OLX. Recently, OLX hosted the first car fair where 42 sellers were invited and given the chance to sell their cars in 1 day!

The purpose of this service was to offer our clients the best experience. Given the current situation, we understand and have seen first-hand, how unforgiving the market could be. So, part of our job is to offer a more opportunistic environment where the chances of being able to sell your car and make a profit out of it are high, not to mention, without having to put in all the hard work.

The process for sellers was simple: they placed their car from 8AM until 6PM and either came back to collect their cars or collect a payment from an offer they approved. If you were invited to participate in the car fair, all you had to do was drop your car off at OLX premises until 6PM. Of course, all the cars get sanitized at drop off and upon receiving it.

During the 10-hour period, OLX handled all the paperwork, inspections and transactions that happened on the spot. No wait, no hassle and free of charge! The fair saved our clients time and money; the best part is, there is no obligation to sell. Our sellers did not have to lift a finger and that’s what we strive on offering to our clients.

At 6:00 PM, you will be required to come back at and check the offer on your car. If you’re satisfied with the offer, agree and get paid on the spot; all the paperwork will be taken of. We even handle your ride back home!

Marwa, who sold her 2004 Prado during the Car Fair, was thankful for selling her car so easily! She also said: “It was a very smooth process. The service was very professional; the staff was friendly, easy to reach and ensured timely and prompt responses – they kept me updated and helped with all the paperwork needed as promised.”

Our Car Fair is safe, convenient and takes place in a controlled environment.

Alain, another success story from our Car Fair who sold his 2001 Outback, reassures the ease of the process and how this service helped him. “A major thank you to the team behind this service for their professionalism and support; this is a great concept and will surely make a boom.”

Yes! It’s that easy. You don’t pay anything, you don’t have to do anything.

Stay tuned and follow our OLX Autos page to know when the next car fair will be!

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