8 Ways to Create a Dream Summer Getaway At Home

8 Ways to Create a Dream Summer Getaway At Home

by Malak Sabra

Summer is here ladies and gentlemen, so get your barbecues and swimsuits ready because we are giving you 8 ways to enjoy this summer Covid-free and safely in the comfort of your own homes.

1. Tan Time

We know what you’re thinking. “How am I going to tan at home?” Well, easy. All you have to do is get up on that gorgeous roof or even your balcony for 30 minutes and trust us, you’ll be getting tanned in no time.

Who doesn’t want a nice golden tan, right? We’ve got your backs with our wide range of Sun Care products that’ll help protect your skin while still giving you that beautiful summer glow. You can get the tan of your dreams with the lotions and potions we provide. And of course, you’re going to need beach towels or else, where else are you gonna lay on? With our towel selection you are summer ready with these gorgeous prints.

2. Plant babies!

Congratulations! You’re the proud parent of a plant now!  Get your plant pots at the ready and plant your favourite flowers at home to give your summer at home a little spice. Whether it’s a fig leaf tree or a tiny red rose, you can decorate them however you want with our selection of pots to create the feeling of being in nature on a perfect summer’s day.

3. No pool? No problem

We understand not everyone has a massive mansion with a grand pool and fountains, that’s why we give you a simple and affordable solution to your heat strokes. Cool down with an inflatable pool that can quite literally fit anywhere you want at home and enjoy. Not everyone gets the chance to brag about a pool at their house so, here’s yours.

4. Juice your problems away

Stay healthy and hydrated making the best juices and cocktails. Shop from the wide range of juicers and coolers now! What better way to cool yourself down than making some fresh pressed juice and drinking it by your plants and pool? Honestly why pay for a vacation when you can have one at home. To go well with your juices, we also offer an Ice Crusher and a Sorbet Ice Cream Maker in our appliances and accessories section.

5. Home Disco

To go along with your pool, plants and cocktails, finish setting the mood with some summer and dance your worries away by finding the speaker of your dreams in our appliances and accessories section.  Nothing better than ending the day vibbing out with your friends and relaxing to your favorite songs.

6. Grill and chill

You’re sitting by the pool, enjoying the summer sun when suddenly you hear your stomach rumble. No worries, get your hot dogs and buns hot and ready for some great grilling with our grill selection in our Summer Time section, all to accommodate your hunger needs!

7. Play Ball

For you or your kids, activities are the way to go this summer. No need to go through the hassle of having to find a way to entertain yourself or the kids, just get your activities ready to go on our Outdoor Activities section. From darts, to floaties, and to more inflatable pools, everything you need for a perfect summer is just one click away.

8. AC Please

We all know how hard the summer heat can hit especially in Lebanon. Some days the weather can be perfect and others it can feel like you’re standing inside of a blow dryer. The only solution for that is to get inside, close the doors and sit in the AC breeze, cooling down the entire house within minutes.

We’ve got you covered with our AC’s and Fans section all through summer. 

Visit our Summer Time section on OLX Store for an affordable and comfortable summer at home at your disposal.

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