5 Ways to Safely Celebrate Halloween At Home

5 Ways to Safely Celebrate Halloween At Home

by Malak Sabra

While some individuals consider Halloween a chance to be able to go to gatherings and celebrations, others are not really into that. There are so many approaches to make the occasion an amazing and fun experience at home, so there are no concerns if going out isn’t your Halloween vibe.

To make October 31st feel exceptional and similarly as merry, here are some spooky ways to make the best out of Halloween at home.

1. Costumes!

Costumes are the essence of Halloween. They are what make Halloween, well, Halloween!

People love to get dressed in their favourite characters especially if it’s for one calm evening at home where worrying about how you’re going to go somewhere in a costume isn’t an option.

So, get your costume and it doesn’t have to be something extravagant, you can make your own costume from the clothes you already have without spending a penny!

2. Boo! Ghost story time

Invite some friends over and take some time looking up some spooky ghost stories that you can tell each other, and why not take it to the next level and go online to see some virtual haunted house tours that you can take from the comfort of your own home.

Who knows? Maybe you come across some creepy virtual ghosts haunting your PC.

3. Have a scary movie night

Nothing says Halloween more than the actual movie: Halloween. Get your popcorn ready and make the best out of the night by making a list of some of the best horror movies you can possibly watch. Get your friends together and get ready to Scream (see what we did there?) from horror.

4. Put your arts and crafts skills to the test!

Halloween is the perfect holiday to be able to decorate for both fall and the celebrations of. You don’t even have to actually buy any decorations that may cost a fortune. You can cut up some colourful papers that match whatever aesthetic you want and boom, you have yourself some Halloween decorations for your home!

This is also an amazing plan to get your friends and family to join in and have some fun together while doing so in the comfort of your own home!

5. Have a bake-off!

Aside from the fun costumes and spooky decorations, Halloween has another treat for everyone, and that’s the fact that you can eat as much candy and sweets as you want without feeling guilty.

Use this to your advantage and ask your friends and family members to come over to bake some Halloween snacks together and spend the night decorating in sugary heaven.

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