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5 Precautions to Take Before Using OLX

5 Precautions to Take Before Using OLX

In recent years, the use of OLX, the world’s leading online classified platform, has been on the rise, allowing internet users to shop smoothly and save money.

On top of that, its online services have allowed its users to communicate and successfully make transactions.

However, this does not prevent users from abusing these services. Therefore, we have to keep an eye out on everything that happens during the buying and selling processes. The suspicious signs are often visible, but we just don’t pay attention to them.

So, what are the necessary precautions to be taken when shopping online in general and via OLX in particular?

First, when you register on OLX, make sure you upgrade your account’s security. How?

  1. Don’t share your account’s credentials.
  2. Choose a password that includes at least 6 characters as well as numbers. 
  3. Add easy-to-remember punctuation.
  4. Don’t save your password on your web browser. 
  5. If you have doubts that someone knows your password, change it.

Second, stay vigilant when interacting with a new OLX user. To prevent your personal information from being misused, exploited, or posted online, never share it with anyone. Think about it this way: “I don’t trust people I just met. How could I possibly trust someone I haven’t even met?” If the seller or buyer keeps changing the location of meet up or their phone numbers every time you get in touch, avoid them. If you’re questioning the credibility of a user’s listing on OLX, get in touch with us.

Finally, if you get scammed, contact the police, and we will be ready to provide them with all the necessary information for the investigation.

Third, remember the golden rule: avoid dealing with a seller or buyer who refuses to complete the transaction face-to-face or pay upon receipt! To secure your rights, some may insist on knowing personal information about you, such as your age, bank account, or other personal data to hack into your accounts; none of that is needed for a transaction so don’t risk sharing any of it. In this context, you should make sure that the seller will secure the delivery of the product in the meet up location agreed on. On another hand, if you are the seller, you must deliver the request. When meeting a buyer or seller, always meet in a public, secure place at a reasonable hour when there are others around.

If you are a seller, agree with the buyer to use familiar and easy payment methods. We advise buyers and sellers to agree on paying in cash, that way, the buyer gets to check the item before paying and the seller can get the cash on the spot.

Fourth, check the product and any related information provided by the seller. If you are the seller, present all your product’s information and details. Of course, you should also inform potential buyers of any defect in the item to avoid being accused of fraud. For your safety, if the seller stays in his/her car, don’t feel pressured to get in as well but instead, ask them to step out and come to you.

Fifth, don’t forget to pay attention to the product’s price. If it is too low compared to its market price, for example, this is probably a fraud attempt, as the seller should be fair in the price set. Before completing a transaction, check the product to avoid being cheated. This also applies to house renting and the tenants; never send any partial or complete payment in advance, and do not use a credit card to pay before receiving your product.

Ultimately, your safety is our top priority and while you enjoy the shopping experience. Hopefully, our Trust & Safety tips keep you safe when you use the internet to complete any transaction.

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